When you go onto a legal website, you may find current law firm blog posts.

Maybe you won’t.

Do law firm blog posts even matter? Do blogs bring value to the law firm’s website, and by extension, to the law firm’s ability to bring in new clients.

The answer is yes; blog posts are absolutely an asset for law firms. There is no doubt about that. If your law firm is not making regular use of your blog section (or if you don’t have a blog section at all), you are doing a disservice to your website and your web presence overall.

At Blue Seven Content, we want to take some time to discuss why you need to audit your law firm’s blog posts and perhaps adjust your strategy moving forward. Our skilled legal content writers have extensive experience crafting the best law firm blog posts for firms throughout the US. We really get into the weeds when it comes to doing this correctly.

Does Your Law Firm Have a Lackluster Blog Section?

I clicked on a law firm’s website recently (as I do each day to see if there is anything Blue Seven could be doing better). When I looked at the blog section, I noticed that the last blog was dated nearly two years ago. Up until that point, the firm had been posting once a week.

What happened?

Well, my best guesses are:

  • The paralegal or legal assistant writing the blogs left the firm.
  • The firm dumped their legal marketing agency.
  • They never had a legal marketing or website strategy and decided that blog posts didn’t help their SEO or web presence.

So, I dug a little further and read through the blog posts that were there. I quickly realized that whoever had been writing the blog posts had absolutely no idea how to craft these pages. Here’s what I noticed:

  • There was no keyword usage that I could pick up on.
  • There were no headings. None at all.
  • There were walls of text. Long paragraphs, no bullet points.

It was tough to read. If someone happened to be looking at the metrics on how these blogs were doing, it would be no surprise that they decided they weren’t working. Of course they weren’t! They were horrible.

But, they were better than nothing. For the last two years or so, this law firm has not had any blogs at all. A quick glance at the rest of their site also revealed poorly written law firm landing pages and law firm practice area pages, but that’s a story for another day.

The worst part of this story is that this is not a rare occurrence. So many law firms neglect blog posts or even their entire website.

Why do You Need a Law Firm Blog Strategy?

At Blue Seven Content, we have written at length about how important blog posts are for a law firm’s website. We’ve discussed how law firm blogs:

  • Provide “evergreen” content for a website, which is a plus for search engine algorithms
  • Help the firm provide information to prospective clients that does not otherwise fit on practice area pages
  • Let firms go more in-depth on topics that are touched on elsewhere on the website
  • Relate current national, state, or local events back to the firm’s service areas
  • Can discuss attorney or law firm achievements
Take Time to Develop a Law Firm Blog Post Strategy

As easy as it may seem to “pop out a blog post” for a law firm’s website, that simply won’t happen unless the firm has a blog strategy in place. There needs to be a point person who can plan regular blog topics and make sure they get written. If a law firm fails to implement a blog post strategy, what they’ll end up with is:

  • An occasional blog post making it to the website
  • Poorly written or badly organized blogs
  • No benefit to SEO or website authority

Turn to the Best Legal Writers for Legal Blog Posts

At Blue Seven Content, we are excellent at providing law firm blog posts that are ready to be posted right to a law firm’s website. We tailor blogs to each firm and their location(s).

If you are ready to get a blog strategy implemented for your law firm, we are standing by to help. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. I am personally ready to take your call. I’ll review your current law firm blogs and discuss what we can do to get rolling in the right direction.

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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