Law firm marketing companies love to sell you on their website interactions and cool themes. They are partially right. People prefer a website that is user-friendly. But that cannot be your only focus. Focusing on just the website’s appearance is like seeing an online menu without details of the dish. You can click on it, but do you trust what you are ordering? Would a law firm content writing strategy help?

Your readers want and need to understand what and how you are serving your best legal dishes. Focusing on the writing content of your website for legal content on your landing pages and blogs is just as important as your user-friendly browser. At Blue Seven Content, we focus on the readability of your website. We focus on cracking a law firm content writing strategy that is specific to your area and attractive to viewers. Our legal content writers know how to do this, and they do it well.

How We Choose Our Law Firm Content Writers 

Analytics can show you who is clicking on your website and what posts are gaining traction. Some analytics can show the keywords that people are typing into search engines to get to your posts. Our approach to writing is simple, we tackle the common keywords that people search and optimize their placement in the text.

We hand pick writers with legal backgrounds and train them to write efficiently and effectively. Our writers are like the all-star team in sports. We find the heavy hitters with experience or the rookies who are looking to make a name for themselves.

We thrive on self-starters who constantly research what they are writing instead of trying to make something up. In other words, our writers value your law firm and website. They want the content to stir a desire within the reader because more business for you means more business for us.

How We Make Legal Writing Content Sound Like Home

Writing legal content is not rocket science, but it does take attention to detail and willingness to research. Our initial consultation with clients starts with getting a better understanding of their desired geographic location. We want readers to click on their hometown attorney’s site and feel like they are at home.

Other ways we help your reader become future income: 

  • breaking down material into small paragraphs for quick scanning
  • straight forward language to clearly deliver a message
  • staying on topic without distracting readers with random facts
  • bullet points to maintain reader attention on a long post
  • headers that summarize the section
  • we do not sound like a sales pitch

A Law Firm Content Strategy Makes Content Easier to Read

The legal world is complex, overwhelming, and expensive. Like a restaurant, the content of your website must reflect good reasons for clients to spend money on you. If your site is underdeveloped because your pages are not filled with content, you are losing people’s confidence that you can deliver on your promise to win a case.

It may sound like a stretch, but the writing on your site is a client’s first introduction to the ethos of your firm. To use an analogy when you enter a restaurant there are three kinds of menus:

  • the first menu contains way too many items, overcrowded with words, lacking pictures, and overwhelms the reader
  • the second menu contains little description, no pictures, and foreign words without context
  • the third menu hits the right spot between descriptions, pictures, and context for items that may be more complex for some readers 

How do you want your law firm website to read? If you said third, then we are in business. Blue Seven Content strives to curate just the right menu for you and your clients. We create easily digestible pieces of information for you readers to consume to push their desire to choose you amongst the array of other firms.

Contact the Best Legal Content Writers Today

Take a chance with us and we can give honest insight into how your page is performing on a reader level. We specialize in helping law firms with the following:

You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. Our team is standing by to talk to you about the steps necessary for providing the best legal content for your law firm.

Written by Victoria Lozano – Consultant and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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