Law firm blog posts are essential because they add tremendous value to your site. You may have heard that blogs do nothing for your page, but the reality is that they provide fresh and up-to-date content on a regular basis. Google and other search engines tend to recognize this when it comes to search. At Blue Seven Content, our law firm content writers have written thousands of best law firm blog posts for websites throughout the US. We understand what works and what doesn’t.

How We Approach the Best Law Firm Blog Posts

At Blue Seven Content, approach providing blogs in various ways. We’ll be happy to use any of these approaches when working on the content for your law firm:

  • You tell us what topics you want, and we do the work forming the post
  • We pick the topics for your blog posts based on your practice areas and location
  • You choose blog topics from our list of generic options

Regardless of which route you choose for your blog, we guarantee you will receive an original, well-researched blog post toned to your practice area and geographic location. Our slogan is Original, Researched, Optimized – and we carry this into all of our work, whether it be a practice area page or a blog post.

Blue Seven Content provides quality law firm blog posts to cover all of your needs.

Law Firm Blogs: Do You Need Them?

Blogs provide what we like to call “evergreen” content for your law firm’s website. This means that they offer a continuous flow of updated content that will be picked up by Google and other search engines. The more your web page is refreshed with new content, the more favorably search engines see and rank the page. Now, it is crucial to understand that Google has an ever-changing algorithm that determines how law firms are ranked when a potential client searches for certain services.

However, you can count on Google and other search engines to determine whether a website is dying or growing. Rest assured, you do not want to be seen as a website that is dying. Your website may look excellent and have wonderful practice area and landing pages. Still, if there is no new content production over time, Google will likely drop your law firm’s website from rankings and push up firms that continually produce new content.

One of the best ways to push new content forward is to have regular blog posts for your website.

However, keeping your website “growing” is not the only reason legal blog posts are an important part of your law firm’s web page. Blog posts:

Current events in your community

For most law firms, what happens in the geographic area of the firm really matters. Law firm blog posts allow you to take current events in your community that relate to your practice areas and discuss them. For example, of a commercial truck accident caused by a negligent trucking companies happens in your town or county, you can create a blog post about it.

How will this help?

Well, when something major happens in your area, people will be looking the event up online. If you create a well-written post about the incident, include credible external links, and offer some analysis related to your practice area, you can drive traffic toward your website.

This strategy also works for major national stories that pop up that relate to your law firm’s practice areas. Major toy recall? Write a blog about it and discuss safety tips for parents in your community. Divorce rates increasing due to a pandemic? Blog about it and talk about how your family law firm is dealing with the issue.

Expanding on your practice area pages

Your law firm’s practice area pages are like the product descriptions for your services, and they don’t need to be overwhelmingly long. However, there may be other topics related to your practice areas that deserve to be thoroughly explained.

Your law firm blog is the perfect place to offer up additional information that prospective clients may be looking up. Additionally, the more pages you build, the more likely your page is to be seen as an authority on practice area. You will have more pages to internally link to as well.

Getting granular with specific topics

Usually, we advise law firms to keep it simple. There is no need to overwhelm potential clients with complex legal terms on practice area pages or blog posts. However, there are times when nerding out is entirely appropriate.

Again, the more quality content your law firm website produces revolving around your practice area, the more authority you will build with readers and with search engine crawlers. For example – there is no need to discuss remittitur and additur inside of your personal injury landing page or geo pages. But these terms can be useful to know for individuals at certain stages of the trial process (three of the top “remittitur and additur” pages on Google’s first page for that search were written by writers at Blue Seven).

Additionally, if law changes in your state related to classifying workers as independent contractors and you are an employment law firm, you should probably blog about it. Go in depth and discuss how the law changes the landscape for workers.

Letting the community know about your law firm

Law firm blogs also provide a great space to discuss the firm’s community involvement. Did you sponsor a little league team or run a group marathon? Blog about it. Did the firm or an individual attorney win an award? Blog about it.

Let the community know who you are. When people are trying to choose which law firm to use, they will typically turn to someone with roots in the local area.

How Many Blog Posts Does Your Law Firm Need?

There is no set amount of blog posts that your law firm needs, but we strongly suggest that you aim to have at least one blog post a week. We have worked with firms that stick with one blog post a month, and firms that write a blog post each day. The key is finding a balance between what you can write and what keeps your page fresh with evergreen material.

Even though we have stressed that fresh content is better, we also want to make a point to say that this content needs to be well-written, well-researched, and with search engine optimization in mind. In other words, do not just throw together a few sentences, put it on your website, and call it a law firm blog post. Bad content that shows up continuously throughout your site is not going to help your ranking. In fact, bad content is likely to hurt your ranking and turn prospective client away.

Law firm blogs are important and necessary

How We Structure Law Firm Blog Posts

Your blog post is going to be structured differently than a practice area page. Blogs will be mostly informational, though they will contain SEO-friendly wording. Sometimes they will include a small call-to-action (CTA) and your firm name at the end. In general, blogs are meant to be more informal than practice area pages, so we write them in a conversational tone. There are certainly exceptions to this, and blogs can also become how-to guides, checklists for clients, frequently asked question areas, and more.

In the end, it is completely up to you to determine how you want to utilize the blog post sections of your law firm’s website. We will offer our suggestions and formulate a strategy that works for you.

Contact Blue Seven for Your Law Firm Blog Posts

If you are interested in creating the best law firm blog posts for your website, Blue Seven Content is ready to help. You can click here to see a list of pricing for blogs. You can also click here to check out our list of popular blog topics for various practice areas. Our legal content writers can also help you develop an overall content strategy for your law firm. This includes crafting the best law firm practice area pages toned specifically for your geographic location. Please contact us for a free law firm blog consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.