At Blue Seven Content, we’re proud of the team we’ve amassed. Our writers come from varied backgrounds, and our writer meetings are always interesting. One thing that more than one of our writers has brought up is the ability to keep the content we create original.

Let’s face it – originality can be a problem when it comes to law firm content. How many times have you needed to write a law firm blog post on a certain topic only to find that 50 other law firms have written about the same thing?

I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced that. I’m also willing to bet that many of those 50 pages say damn near the same things. It may not be direct plagiarism, but it’s likely pretty close.

Here, we want to briefly discuss how we handle this problem here at Blue Seven Content (spoiler – sometimes you can’t avoid writing about the same topics as other firms, but you can control the quality of your writing).

Trying to Stay Original With Law Firm Blogs (It’s Hard to Do)

When I (founder Allen) was a kid, I had a poster in my room. It was a poster full of cats that looked like Dalmatians with one actual Dalmatian. On the bottom of the poster, it said, “In a world full of copycats, be an original.”

The poster from Allen’s room

I forgot about that poster until I had a recent conversation with one of our writers. She wanted to talk about how to differentiate our content from other content already in the web universe. Let’s face it – how many ways can you write about “Steps to Take After a Car Accident”? Worse, how many ways can you write about “Reasons Insurance Carriers May Deny a Claim”?

I used to relish writing these pages, particularly when I first started creating law firm content. Well, that was 10,000 pages ago. Now, I groan when I see a request like that. I’ll write them, but I won’t necessarily enjoy it. I know what the law firms want when they request these pages. They want the same thing that “Johnny Cash Law” down the street has (but, “please make it different…thanks”).

How We Keep Content Original and Interesting

I’ve tried to stretch my creative fingers when writing generic blog posts. I’ve often thought I’m more clever than I really am when writing. In the past, I’ve written some fiction stories in my free time, mainly because I need to activate that portion of my brain sometimes. I spent my grad school years as a research assistant, so I learned about the need to break away from dull writing every now and then.

Unfortunatley, my attempts at creativity have been met with pushback. I’ve even had a client tell me that “We loved what you wrote here, but we think we need to tone it back a bit and stick with the basic steps.”

Right…boring. I know.

But I oblige because I do need to get paid.

The only real way to differentiate some of these pages from other law firms’ pages is to do an excellent job geo-targeting your keywords and creating well-written, readable sentences and paragraphs. Make sure you have a good UX. Grin and bear it.

At Blue Seven Content, we generally let our writers have free reign over the blog posts that we provide law firms. Unless a client has a particular request about what they want, we scour each clients’ geographic area to see if there are any news stories related to their practice area. If there are, we’ve hit gold. We can use a recent local event, discuss it, and then round it back to the law firm. Completely original, and we can let our fingers craft an interesting story.

If there are no new stories that we can use, we take a good look at the law firm’s website to see what blogs have already been written. If we see that the firm could benefit from a new page, say something like “Why are There so Many Defective Products in the US?” then we go with it. Even though other law firms may have similar content, we have specific goals in mind when we write these pages.

We want to make every page we write “Original, Researched, and Optimized.” We take pride in the fact that our writers are REALLY good at what they do. We don’t have amateurs here. Nobody is moonlighting for hokey websites making “Top 10 Celebrity Dog” posts. We take this seriously. When we turn a blog post or practice area page over to a law firm, we know that it’s well-written, completely original, and researched. We use top-notch sources to gather statistics and data.

Oh, and the best part is this – law firms get their content properly formatted and ready to be put onto the site. We use proper headings (H1s, H2s, H3s), short sentences and paragraphs, bullets, internal and external links, etc.

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Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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