SEO for contractors and construction websites – probably something you didn’t anticipate needing. After all, you’re in the home improvement business, not the content writing business. 

The reality is that for small, medium, and large construction companies and contractors to remain competitive, they need great content on their websites. The content should be both informative to potential customers and serve a purpose for search engine optimization (SEO). 

Why Content on Your Construction or Contractor Website Matters

Let’s face it – there are probably dozens or even hundreds of companies and contractors in your area that offer the same types of services as you. Does that mean they’re all good at what they do? No, of course not. But they may be getting more leads simply because they have great content on their websites. 

You can fix that. 

Every type of business needs a regular SEO content strategy, including construction companies and contractors for home improvement. The vast majority of people who need improvement inside or outside of their homes will either work with a company they’ve used before, ask their friends or family members for recommendations, or do a Google search for a company in their geographic area. That’s where SEO contractor and construction content comes into play.

You want to capitalize on those online searches, and you can do that by ensuring your website is filled with useful consumer information that lines up beautifully with search engine algorithms. Contrary to what you may have heard, an SEO strategy doesn’t have to be obvious or obnoxious. Your website content can be written in a way that hits the SEO keywords and searches without it looking like it’s “stuffed.” 

Your construction company and contractor website content is there to:

  • Show potential clients what you do
  • Answer readers’ most frequently asked questions
  • Give tips and tricks for home improvement
  • Showcase your expertise 
  • Offer testimonials
  • Share newsworthy topics related to your industry

The primary focus of your contractor and construction SEO content should be on reader intent. If that’s done correctly, the algorithm will follow. You don’t have to “keyword stuff” to rank well.

“If you build it, they will come,” in a sense. You just need the right people crafting your construction company and contractor SEO content. 

construction and contractor websites need quality content to succeed.

SEO for Construction Companies and Contractors

SEO, as you may know, stands for search engine optimization and revolves around ensuring your website has the best chance of coming in high on the search engine results page (SERP) when a potential customer performs their search. 

As a construction company or contractor, you aren’t aiming to have the entire country as your client base (unless you’re an incredibly large company). More likely, you’re looking for clients in a particular region, state, county, or city. Part of your SEO strategy will be geo-focusing your content to get clients in these areas. 

To improve your website’s SEO and maintain an advantage over competitors, you should:

  • Make sure the content answers questions customers actually ask
  • Update your website content regularly
  • Use strong keywords and keyword phrases based on competitor research

SEO content doesn’t have to be a mystery. In fact, once you have the basics down, it’s easier than you think. 

Types of Pages for Your Construction or Contractor Websites

When creating content for your contractor or construction website, various types of pages need to be present to successfully fulfill the needs of your consumers and the search engine algorithms. Include pages highlighting your product and service offerings, pages answering the most frequently asked questions your consumers have, blog posts, a page about you and your company, and more.

Product and Service Offering Pages for Construction and Home Improvement

The pages that explain your construction company or contractor products and services will be the backbone of your website. These pages will not change too often, though they may be regularly updated. 

For example, if your company handles roofing and siding, your roofing and siding pages will certainly be highlighted as your main offerings. If you handle only windows and doors, you will want two pages specifically focusing on windows and doors.

Each product or service that you offer should have its own standalone page. This will help when individuals begin searching for help with that particular service or product. For example, if a consumer is in the Knoxville, TN area and wants new windows for their home, they might search “Knoxville home window replacement.” The goal will be to have your company’s “windows” page first on the search engine results page (if you operate out of the Knoxville area). 

Expanding further, you may want to get very specific with your geolocations for your services. For example, suppose you handle roofing for the entire state of Tennessee. While you will certainly want a page dedicated solely to your “Tennessee roofing services,” you may also want to create pages for major regions or cities within Tennessee. Perhaps you will have a separate roofing page for each Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. That will help ensure you’re getting clients who specifically search for roofers in their geographic area. 

FAQ Pages for Construction and Contractor Websites 

Your prospective clients have questions, and you have answers. You’re the expert in your particular contractor or construction field, so you know people’s most common questions about what you do and the process. You will see the benefits if you have a set of well-crafted, frequently asked question pages on your website. Not only does this provide an opportunity to gain the trust of potential future clients, but it also gives you a chance to bolster your website’s SEO. 

When you answer questions, you will have plenty of opportunities to enrich the page with keywords related to the topic. You won’t even need to use bad keyword-stuffing tactics. FAQ pages give you a good opportunity to place some internal links to other pages on your website, another facet of SEO that many people overlook. 

Blog Posts on Construction and Contractor Websites

Blogs are so overlooked when it comes to an overall contractor and construction website strategy. Blogs allow you to publish continual information, which we like to call “evergreen content.” Search engine algorithms reward regularly updated websites, and a blog post every few days is a fantastic way to help ensure this happens.

You can blog about many things, including changing industry standards, new technology, new methods used for your particular field, and more. Some of the particularly popular types of blog posts for the construction and contractor field are “Top Lists.” What we mean by this is something similar to:

  • 3 Signs Your Siding Needs Replacing
  • Top 10 Types of Exterior Windows for New Englanders
  • 4 Ways to Pay for Your New Roof

Your About Us Page

One of the most visited pages on any website is the “About Us” page. Why is that? Well, people love to know who they will be working with. The about us page on a website is a great way to build authority and trust with someone who is thinking about calling you. If they see a friendly, warm environment, they will be much more likely to call you. 

Client comfort is often overlooked, especially in the contractor and construction field. So many people feel intimidated by home improvement and even more intimidated by the people they call for help. 

You can craft an “About Us” page that lets people get to know who you are and invites them to give you a call or fill out your contact page.

Blue Seven Content Partners With Construction Companies and Contractors

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