Spanish legal translations of your website are crucial. The Spanish-speaking market is growing rapidly, and pretending this won’t affect your law firm is a mistake. At Blue Seven Content, we understand how important it is to have the best English to Spanish law firm website content translators. 

Did you know that the US has the second-largest population of Spanish speakers in the world, according to Forbes? Data from the US Census Bureau shows that the Hispanic or Latino population was 62.1 million in 2020. This represents a population growth of 23% from the last Census in 2010. 

While a significant percentage of this population speaks both Spanish and English, that is not always the case. Additionally, just because someone can speak and understand English does not mean that they will be turning to an all-English language website for information, particularly information related to a potential legal claim. Spanish translators can help your law firm.

The amount of Hispanic and Latino individuals is rising, showing why it's so vital to translate law firm content from English to Spanish.
The percentage of Hispanic or Latino population is growing rapidly, as evidenced by data from the 2020 Census.

Why Won’t Google Translate or Other Machine Tools Work for Your Law Firm Translation?

Websites are read by humans, which means that machine translations are never going to give you satisfactory results. Only a qualified human translator can ensure that the spirit of your law firm’s website copy is translated correctly. Legal translation services offer more than just pressing a magic button to machine translate.

To be honest, using Google Translate or another machine tool is downright insulting to your Spanish-speaking audience. Why would someone want to come to a page filled with obvious translation errors? This signals only one thing – that the Spanish-speaking reader is an afterthought and not worth the time to craft a well-thought-out page. 

Don’t be that law firm. 

There is no substitute for using skilled human translators. Our Spanish legal translators don’t simply take the English content and copy it right over to Spanish. That wouldn’t make sense. Translation requires nuance. It requires an understanding of the differences between the two languages. For your law firm, this also means understanding keywords. Our team is built around providing quality content for law firm websites, and we have a team of legal content writers who can assist our translators along the way.

Blue Seven Content’s translators will examine the keywords for each page and make sure they are properly rendered to the Spanish reader. Keywords are the backbone of your law firm SEO tactics, but keywords cannot be Google or machine-translated word-for-word.

There are certain keywords that work better in Spanish than they do in English, so it is critical for a human translator to research the correct Spanish keywords necessary for your page to be successful. These keywords will convey the same meaning to the Spanish-speaking reader that the English keywords did. 

Even though the goal of SEO and content for law firms is to keep the page at a reading level that the average user can comprehend, law firms will inevitably have legal terms on their page. It is important for your English to Spanish translator to not only know how to correctly translate these terms, but they must also understand whether or not the English word will even make sense for the Spanish translation. 

You want your law firm’s translated Spanish pages to bring traffic of their own to your page, which means your pages need to reflect what a Spanish speaker will type into a search engine when they need help. 

You Can Engage and Attract More Prospective Clients

When you have a website with all English content, you are inevitably ignoring a potentially large market. Aside from English, no other language is more widely spoken in the US than Spanish. If you are a law firm in an area where there are Spanish speakers, you cannot afford to lose potential clients. Having Spanish as an option for readers will keep people on your site and more likely to dial your number when they need help. 

Even if a potential client is bilingual and speaks English as their second language, they will be more likely to keep reading and call your law firm if they can completely comprehend your website. Additionally, properly translating the website sends a signal to readers that you respect them enough to ensure they can read your page, and they will be more likely to trust you. 

You Can Reach Your Local Audience With English to Spanish Translated Pages

At Blue Seven Content, we focus on providing the best legal content for law firms throughout the US. Part of our job is helping law firms reach local audiences by using geo-related information. If you have a law firm in Kansas, you have no need to target prospective clients in Wyoming. 

With proper English to Spanish translation for your law firm’s website, you can better communicate with your local target market. This is critically important for cities, counties, and states that have a growing Latinx population. Since 2010, areas all over the country have seen an increase in Hispanic individuals. 

Your Translated Pages Will Improve Your SEO

With properly translated Spanish pages for your law firm’s website, you can potentially double the number of pages and opportunities to gain search engine recognition. This will help improve the overall SEO success of the website. Content is king, but you already know that. English content and Spanish content combined – a recipe for success.

Who Are Our English to Spanish Translators?

At Blue Seven Content, our English to Spanish translators know what they’re doing. They work at the college level and have performed translation services for years. Our translators understand keywords, and they know the Spanish-speaking market. 

They will make sure that your translation matches the intent of the page, even if this means re-wording some of the content to ensure correctness. You can read more about our English to Spanish law firm content translators by clicking here and scrolling to their biographies. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an English to Spanish Law Firm Content Translator?

This is the heading you’ve been looking for. By now, we hope we’ve impressed on you the importance of getting your law firm content translated from English to Spanish correctly. This is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. 

At Blue Seven Content, we have a track record of only working with the best legal content writers, and we carry that theme over to your translation services. No matter where you look online, you’re going to see that website translation costs anywhere from 10 to 25 cents per word. 

We will translate your law firm content for 20 cents per word. For bulk or continuous orders, we will work individually with law firms or agencies to craft a slightly discounted rate. 

Contact Blue Seven Content for Help Translating Your Law Firm Content From English to Spanish

You need to ensure your English to Spanish translations are completed correctly for your law firm. At Blue Seven Content, we have already established a reputation for providing Original, Researched, and Optimized content for law firms. Let us help you ensure the content gets translated so you can capture a wider audience and more clients. 

Our English to Spanish law firm content translators and legal marketing team are ready to get to work on your landing pages, practice area pages, blog posts, press releases, and more. You can contact us for a free consultation by filling out the contact form on our website or calling us at (843) 580-3058.