At Blue Seven Content, we have put together several package options for you to choose from when it comes to your law firm content needs. These include our one-time order packages, monthly packages, as well as blog packages. Our team is also prepared to provide copy for your law firm practice area pages. All package prices are based on pages and blogs that are 500 to 550 words in length. If you want longer pages, we will be happy to extend the length at a rate of .18 cents per word. We can discuss your desired page length during our initial consultation. Our packages are designed around providing law firm practice area pages and law firm blog posts.

Blue Seven One-Time Order Content Packages

These packages are designed as one-time orders for your law firm, but we can certainly arrange for ongoing law firm content needs.

The Law Firm Builder ($450)

  • 5 law firm practice area pages
  • 1 law firm blog

The Law Firm Mid-Range ($900)

  • 10 law firm practice area pages
  • 2 law firm blogs

The Law Firm Expander ($1,350)

  • 15 law firm practice area pages
  • 3 law firm blogs

The Mega Law Firm ($1,800)

  • 20 law firm practice area pages
  • 4 law firm blogs

We will certainly be able to help you if you need more than 20 law firm practice area pages. That’s probably where you’ll want to call our team so we can gain an understanding of your needs and formulate a fair pricing strategy.

  • We can provide law firm practice area pages a la carte for $90 each.
  • We can provide law firm blog posts a la carte for $90 each.

Law Firm Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Pages

At Blue Seven Content, we understand the importance of having FAQ pages catered to your prospective clients. As we discuss on our website, we know that FAQ pages can bring immense value when it comes to establishing the authority of your law firm’s website, keeping readers on your page for longer periods of time, and turning prospective clients into actual clients. At Blue Seven Content, we provide one-off FAQ pages for $180 each. We also offer the following two FAQ packages:

Law Firm FAQ Builder Package ($850)

  • You will get 5 FAQ pages tailored to your practice area and location.

Law Firm Mega FAQ Builder ($1,650)

  • You will get 10 FAQ pages tailored to your practice area and location.

All of these packages are based on FAQ pages 1,000 words in length. We will certainly accommodate longer FAQ pages at a rate of .18 cents per word.

English to Spanish Translation Packages

If you need to translate your law firm website pages from English to Spanish, we offer quality translation services. We encourage you to contact us through the website or by phone so we can discuss the specifics related to translation package pricing.

Email Campaign Setup Through ConvertKit

Our team has a ConvertKit Expert on staff who is ready to help you create the infrastructure for a robust law firm email marketing campaign. The total cost of this service is $1,600.

After the completion of the initial setup, Blue Seven will continue ConvertKit maintenance for $500 per month. This will include the buildout of automations, adding new landing pages, creating product sales pages, and more. The monthly maintenance will include five (5) hours of service time.

Blue Seven Simplified Blog Process

Choosing what blogs to post on your site can be difficult, so we want to help make it a little easier. When it comes to our blog packages, you have a few options. You can send us a list of blog topics that you want, or you can choose from our list of generic topics. The list provides blog topics that are associated with specific practice areas and are commonly found on other law firm pages.

When you pick a package, you can customize the number of topics you want written. Whichever generic topics you choose, we completely tone it to your practice area and geographic location. For example, if you choose a blog titled “Statute of limitations for _____”, we can turn this into any variety of posts that you need.

  • Statute of limitations for North Carolina car accidents.
  • Statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims in Pennsylvania.
  • Statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims in California.
  • …and so on.

By giving you this generic list that can then be customized, we hope this makes it a little bit easier for you to come up with topics for your website’s blog.

Contact us for a Consultation Today

If you are interested in one of the law firm content packages you see listed on this page, the team at Blue Seven Content is ready to help. Let us get to work today working on your law firm practice area pages or law firm blog posts. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.