Legal content writer training isn’t easy. At Blue Seven Content, we began as a group of dedicated writers dedicated solely to producing the best written content for law firms and legal marketing agencies. We focus on written content because we want to be the best at this particular aspect of law firm marketing. We don’t create websites. We aren’t here to add splashy pizazz to your page. We create excellent law firm landing pages, law firm practice area pages, law firm blog posts, and law firm FAQ pages that will keep readers on the page and convert them to clients. We do this thanks to our legal content writers.

We get a lot of questions about why people should use our writers instead of someone from another agency or a freelancer. You may be able to find a good writer elsewhere. However, we want to take a minute and explain how we get our writers and the training process we have at Blue Seven. We think know that our process for writers sets us apart from other agencies because we’ve worked with many writers who come to us from other agencies.

It Starts With Finding Qualified Legal Content Writers

The process of creating enhanced law firm content begins with us actually finding qualified writers. This is more difficult than it sounds.

The reality is that the bar to entry is low for content writing. Many people consider themselves writers just because they can put together some coherent sentences and tap on a keyboard. However, law firm content writing is deeper than that. Writing is tough; putting together sentences, paragraphs, and pages that engage readers takes skill.

Then there’s the research.

We’ve met plenty of talented writers who don’t know much about research. One area that we pride ourselves on is the fact that our writers incorporate relevant data and statistics on each page they create, and we geo-focus it.

We’re not only looking for great writers – we’re also looking for skilled researchers.

We have strict requirements when it comes to picking our writers. At a minimum, every writer at Blue Seven Content has a bachelor’s degree (many have graduate degrees) and some sort of background in research. We screen resumes, and we have an interview with all potential candidates for our content writing positions. These are video meetings – we really value face-to-face interaction, even though our writers are spread throughout the US.

We Provide Thorough Training for Legal Content Writers

We’re perfectly okay with writers who don’t have experience writing for law firms (though many of our new hires do). We don’t mind because we know how to train writers.

Side story – when founders Allen and Victoria started in the legal writing arena, they were given a word count and keywords and told to go make something work. That was rough because they had no idea what they were doing. They learned how to make great content for law firms, but they don’t want the legal content writers at Blue Seven to be put into a “sink or swim” survival situation.

Blue Seven Content has extensive writing guides that walk new writers through the entire practice area page or blog process. We teach writers why keywords matter. We teach them how to format a page. We show writers how shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, and bullets make a page great for the reader.

We teach legal researching skills and discuss the importance of citing work. We show them how to hyperlink with anchor text. We leave no stone unturned when preparing our writers.

After our writer training (which we pay for), we assign them their first sample pages (which we also pay for). After they return the samples, we go through the page with them and show them what looks good and where there could be improvement. Then they get another sample to do. Then another.

By the time a Blue Seven writer tackles a client order, they know what they’re doing.

We Give Legal Content Writers a Community

We’ve not yet seen a single legal marketing agency that provides writers with an actual writing community. That’s what we’re building at Blue Seven. First, we have a Slack channel that all of our writers use to communicate with one another and the company founders. Someone is always there to answer questions. Nobody is alone when they are working on a page, which is important. New writers will always have access to a seasoned legal writer who can answer any questions they may have.

We also host monthly writer meetings (which we pay for) where we all get together on a video call. These meetings are used to handle a range of issues, including research tips, reviewing already written pages, and handling any new methods we may be implementing.

There’s never a void. We want every writer at Blue Seven to feel valued and appreciated.

Oh – and we pay weekly. Founders Allen and Victoria know what it’s like not to be paid or having to chase down clients for payment. We don’t want our writers ever to have to put up with that.

Our Work Has Been Effective

We’ve partnered with legal marketing firms and law firms throughout the US. Many of our clients are major players in the field. We’re proud of the work our legal content writers create, and our clients have been very pleased with our work. Not once have we had to issue a refund.

This success starts and ends with our writers. That’s why we create such strict requirements for writers. We have a team that can create enhanced law firm content, including the following:

If you are a law firm or marketing agency and you want the best writers in the field, we’re here to help. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. We’re ready to talk to you today. When you contact us, you will speak directly to our company’s founders about the next steps moving forward. 

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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