In digital marketing, landing pages refer to a standalone page created specifically for the purposes of marketing your business. For a law firm, this is where your prospective clients will “land” when they click ads from search Google, Bing, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or other areas outside of your website.

Unlike typical web pages, landing pages are designed with a single goal in mind – a call to action (CTA) for your firm. You want your landing pages to immediately hook the prospective clients and have them either click your contact buttons to call you or expand off to other pages on your website for more information about how you might be able to help them.

Do not mistake a law firm landing page for a law firm practice area page – there is a difference. Most of you are here, I suspect, because you actually need practice area pages for your law firm. We have extensive experience creating both law firm landing page and law firm practice area pages. For information related to law firm practice area pages, click here to check out how we approach these.

A Law Firm Landing Page

The landing page will be the first impression that potential clients have of your firm. Thus, this page will be incredibly influential in determining whether that person ultimately contacts your office or closes out their browser to go look for another firm. However, landing pages for law firms are going to operate a little bit differently than landing pages for other businesses.

These pages cannot be gimmicky. They must be professional. They cannot overwhelm a potential client with information, but they need to let them know the basics in a way that is compelling.

Much of the success of designing a landing page will fall onto whoever is building your website. For example, some of the key elements of designing a landing page include a simple design, bold buttons, and easy-to-use forms. However, your law firm landing page content is also critical. At Blue Seven Content, all of our law firm landing pages will contain:

  • A clear course of action
  • A consistent message
  • Easy to understand content

The purpose of your law firm landing page is to compel readers to contact your firm. You handle the quality design on your page – let us create content that makes sense to your potential clients.

A More Broad Approach for a Law Firm Landing Page

Your landing page is going to be much broader than your practice area pages or your blog posts. To that end, the search engine optimization will be designed to cover a wider area and focus on all of your practice areas. When we write law firm landing pages at Blue Seven Content, our goal is to contain the following:

  • An immediate sense of urgency at the intro
  • Information about why a person should choose your law firm
  • A brief overview of your practice areas
  • A strong closing call to action

Contact us About Your Law Firm Landing Page Today

If you need compelling landing pages for your law firm, contact the team at Blue Seven Content today. Our writers will work with you and get to know your firm so we can design landing page content that meets your needs and turns potential clients into actual clients. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.