Frequently asked question pages are an integral part of your law firm’s website. Your prospective clients have questions; there is no doubt about that. Sometimes, they are able to answer all of their questions by looking at your law firm landing pages or your law firm practice area pages. However, there are times when clients have more in-depth questions that need answering. That is where FAQ pages come in.

At Blue Seven Content, we take a different approach to FAQs. Not only do our legal content writers recommend that clients have an overall FAQ page for their general practice area, but we also suggest having an FAQ page for every specific practice area the law firm focuses on. We are here to help you with your law firm FAQ strategy, and our content writers have developed the best strategies for creating these pages.

Your law firm’s general frequently asked question (FAQ) page

Most of us know that law firms have one or two FAQ pages (often only one, and it’s typically sparse). Usually, these pages cover overall questions related to the general practice area of the firm (i.e. FAQs related to personal injury, family law, estate law, criminal defense, etc.).

There is no problem with these pages. In fact, we suggest that law firms do have general FAQ pages like this. These are good jumping-off points for many prospective readers. These general FAQ pages can cover the most asked questions that you receive on a daily basis:

  • Why does a client need an attorney for this particular practice area?
  • How long does the client have to file their claim?
  • What does the client need to bring through the initial consultation?
  • How much do you charge for your services?
  • …and more

Generally, you will find that effective FAQ pages have 10 or more common questions that readers need answers for. However, a general FAQ page isn’t enough for your law firm’s website.

Additional law firm FAQs for your website

At Blue Seven Content, we also recommend that our clients create FAQ pages for every particular practice area that they target. For example, we regularly craft FAQ pages for personal injury law firms for each of the following:

  • Car accident FAQ
  • Commercial truck accident FAQ
  • Bicycle accident FAQ
  • Pedestrian accident FAQ
  • Motorcycle accident FAQ
  • Slip and fall accident FAQ
  • Premises liability FAQ
  • Product liability FAQ
  • Workplace accident FAQ
  • Dog bite FAQ
  • …and more

Of course, this kind of niching down on FAQ pages can be done for any general practice area. For example, we also commonly create FAQ pages for family law attorneys that consist of the following:

  • Divorce FAQ
  • Property division FAQ
  • Alimony FAQ
  • Child custody FAQ
  • Child support FAQ
  • Modifications FAQ
  • Protective orders FAQ

It is important to nice down your FAQ pages in order to properly address the questions that your clients may have. How can a general personal injury page possibly address all of the questions a slip and fall accident victim may have? Sometimes, your readers really do want to get granular with the information they are looking for when making a decision about whether or not to hire you. With these niched-down FAQ pages, you can properly address questions for every practice area you cover.

How to organize your FAQ pages

When we talk to our clients about where to put their FAQ pages and how to organize them, we usually suggest having an overall FAQ tab at the top of their page in the main menu. We want them to make this a drop-down tab that shows all of the other niched-down FAQs on the law firm’s website. By organizing the FAQ pages this way, clients can choose to click on the overall FAQ page or any of the specifically targeted FAQ pages.

This is all about making the website experience easier on the reader, because you want the reader to become a client.

Your law firm FAQs should be tailored to your geographic area

The team at Blue Seven Content is dedicated to making sure that law firm website content is geared towards the area where the law firm is located. We do this for our landing pages, practice area pages, and blog posts. We also do this for our law firm frequently asked question pages.

We like to have every FAQ page geared towards the specific keywords that people are researching about your practice area in your specific geographic location. We also like to make sure that the questions that we answer on your pages line up to what somebody would type into Google or another search engine when looking for help for your particular practice area.  

FAQs give your law firm website more content, content, content

Frequently asked question pages are an excellent way for you to add more content to your law firm’s website. As you have heard time and time again, content is king, and this gives you a way to add well-researched, quality content to your website.

There is no denying that the best way to build authority for your law firm’s website is to add content that is original, researched, and optimized. We always suggest that blog posts as a good way to add additional content to law firm websites, but FAQ pages are so often overlooked. Just think about how beneficial ten additional solid pages would be for your law firm’s website.

Law firm FAQs let you place more internal links

Law firm FAQ pages also give you more chances for internal linking on your website. Not only do internal links help Google bots crawl your page and establish relevancy from one page to another, but they also work to keep prospective clients on your page longer. The longer a client is on your page, the more likely they will be to convert to actual clients.

For example, if a potential client has been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, their Google search may land them on your commercial truck FAQ page. On that page, you will be able to include internal links to your commercial truck accident landing page and practice area page. You will also be able to include internal links to other pages you may have referencing statute of limitations, how to properly file an accident report, how to handle insurance carriers, etc.

How long do law firm FAQs need to be?

We like to tell clients to aim for at least 10 questions for their FAQ pages. There can be more than this, but any less will not seem sufficient. In order to properly answer this many questions, a standard FAQ page will probably need to be approximately 1,000 words or more.

Contact Blue Seven Content about your law firm FAQs

The law firm content writers at Blue Seven Content have extensive experience creating quality content for law firms throughout the United States. This includes law firm FAQ pages. Our team is ready to help you with any of your law firm’s FAQ page needs.

Our legal content writing team has the skills necessary to help drastically improve the written content on your law firm website. Even if you are already satisfied with your current practice area pages and blogs, chances are you don’t have a comprehensive law firm FAQ strategy. We can develop an entire plan for your FAQs that can be integrated onto your existing website. You can contact us for a free consultation about law firm frequently asked questions by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.