We are a small team of dedicated writers and researchers who want to find ways to help your law firm or business. Our aim is to be the best legal content writers in the industry. At Blue Seven Content, we work diligently to create a writing community, a place where every writer can share ideas and discuss what works best for them.

Allen Watson, MAT

Founder & CEO – Legal Writer

Allen Watson has been working with law firms for some time now, but his path to this career wasn’t “usual.” Allen spent his late teens through late 20s working in emergency medical services. During that time, he finished his bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degree in teaching. After finishing grad school, Allen taught high school until his parents’ health necessitated that he work from home. That turn of fate led to working with law firms.

After writing for various law firm marketing agencies and dozens of law firms, Allen founded Blue Seven Content, a company that recognizes the value that quality content can bring to law firms and other businesses. Allen continues to write practice area pages and blog posts for firms while also running Blue Seven.

Allen grew up along the Carolina coast, an area of natural beauty that keeps him calm and centered. This is the way. An avid science fiction fan, Allen loves both Star Wars and Star Trek equally (a feat many argue isn’t possible). When he isn’t working, he is probably at the dog park with Fin or at the gym.

Victoria Lozano, MA

Founder & Consultant – Legal Writer

Victoria Lozano received her bachelor’s degree in English from Coastal Carolina University and her master’s degree in English from Appalachian State University. She is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Victoria has a wide range of experience that makes her wonderfully suited to the mission of Blue Seven Content. Upon finishing her master’s degree, Victoria was a lecturer at Appalachian State until she returned to become a lecturer at Coastal Carolina. Always intellectually curious, Victoria decided to change careers and go to law school. She has held various positions in the legal industry for years now and is a founder of Blue Seven Content.

Victoria is affiliated with the Chicago Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC). She served on the Women and Gender Studies Advisory Board (2016-2018) and the Composition and Rhetoric Committee (2015-2018) at CCU.

Morgan Sprinkle

Legal Blog & Practice Area Page Writer

Morgan is an all-star legal writer that has a passion for communicating with her audience. Morgan graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Music, Theatre, and Economics.

Since finishing college, Morgan has helped bring value to several companies. She has performed market research for various companies and contractors throughout the Southeast and transformed the sales departments of regional employers. Morgan has apprenticed under Floyd Swilley as a tax preparer since 2017, and is currently studying for the CPA exam.

Morgan’s passion, however, is teaching. She has been using her skills to teach English to Chinese students through VIPKid for years now.

Since her youth, Morgan has been involved in the performance world. She has a voice that brings audiances to life. She has sung professionally and in festivals throughout the South. Morgan has also been involved with movies and theatre, and she has modeled for major companies.

When she’s not working, Morgan’s time is filled with love (and chaos) as she raises her daughter. On a side note, her daughter has figured out that the “enter” key on the computer does “things,” so Morgan’s writing time now includes hitting backspace frequently.

Mari Gaines, JD

Legal Blog & Practice Area Page Writer

Mari started writing content a few years ago after walking away from over 20 years working with lawyers and law firms to place their legal malpractice insurance.  In 2020 she got some good advice and decided to focus exclusively on writing legal content.

Though some may find legal content a bit dry, Mari loves the challenge of taking a legal subject and making it easy to understand and fun to read.  

She got her JD over 30 years ago and has been in or around the legal profession ever since.  

Her business goal is always to write what will achieve the best result for her client.  Her personal goal is to educate and empower people so that they are able to make better decisions for themselves.

Mari lives in a rural, college town in the northwest with 7 cats and a dog.  She’s a hiker, a wine drinker, and the proud mom of a son in culinary school aspiring to become a chef.  She knows that her life is her choice and she is determined to make the most of it.

Ryan McRae

Technical Consultant

Ryan McRae has been a corporate trainer for over 7 years, and a freelance writer for over 20. He lives in Chicago, IL, where he enjoys reading, writing, and reading the rulebooks of hundreds of board games.

He received his English degree from Illinois State University and also buys every writing gadget he can find.

DG Bracey, MFA & MA

Legal Content Writer

DG Bracey is a teacher and a freelance writer from the Carolina coast. He’s published short stories in various journals. He has worked as a columnist and reporter for local newspapers.

DG holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, a MA in Writing from Coastal Carolina University and a BA in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram under @DGBracey.

Ashley Daniels, MAW

Legal Content Writer

Ashley Daniels of Myrtle Beach is a full-time freelance writer, editor, wife and mother of three sons (not necessarily in that order), and two fur babies. A native of Eastern PA, Ashley received her bachelor’s in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and her MA in Writing from Coastal Carolina University.

Today, her folio boasts 20-plus years of regional and nationally published printed features, blogs and ADDY award-winning copywriting work. To crank out fast turnarounds and quick wit in wordsmithing, she functions best with a cup of coffee (or two) in the morning and a glass (or more) of cabernet at night.

When not writing in bliss, Ashley’s happy place is also anywhere she’s spending time with her family, whether that’s in a pickup basketball game in the driveway, catching waves at the beach, catching wakes on her boat, or just cuddling up on the couch watching a movie.

Elizabeth Marie Lehmann, Esq.

Legal Content Writer

Elizabeth Lehmann is a graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law with a certificate in business law and is licensed to practice in the state of Illinois. She is originally from Indiana and received her bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in forensics and Latin from Purdue University.

Elizabeth has a wide range of experience from litigation to business law and compliance. Before attending law school, Elizabeth worked as a paralegal at McDermott Will & Emery in their litigation and IP litigation departments. She originally wanted to pursue a career in litigation after law school, however, her path changed to focus more on business law, entrepreneurial law, and securities—while most find these subjects to be relatively boring, Elizabeth finds them completely fascinating. One of her favorite activities (work and even for fun) is to conduct research, on pretty much any topic.

Elizabeth lives in Chicago, IL and has two dogs, Cinnamon (8-year-old, lab mix) and Ruth (1-year-old, border collie mix). When she isn’t studying or playing with her dogs, you can catch Elizabeth outside—whether it’s playing volleyball or softball, or simply reading a book or hiking, she can’t get enough of the outdoors (at least during the summer). 

Dianna Mason

Legal Content Writer

Dianna Mason is a full time legal content writer, freelance SEO writer, and content strategist. She is a Massachusetts native who got started in her writing career at the early age of ten years old when she was named “Loves to Write” in her elementary school superlatives. 

Since then, Dianna went on to study pharmaceutical sciences at Western New England University. It was there that she turned her part-time virtual assistant job into a lucrative freelance writing business, dedicating a good portion of her writing to medical malpractice litigation and pharmaceutical drug compounding. 

Shortly after turning her attention to writing full-time, she found success fast with her easy way with words and ability to connect with her audience no matter the subject matter. 

When Dianna isn’t perfecting client content, she enjoys yoga classes, coaching her children’s youth soccer team, and relaxing with a good book in front of the ocean waves.

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