Legal marketing is a hard industry to break into. There are so many legal marketing agencies out there that most new companies are knocked out of existence within a year or two. That’s why you see the usual names at the top of any list of “Top Legal Marketing Agencies.” That’s also why you see so many companies change their strategy, re-brand, then come back again with a new plan.

Blue Seven Content doesn’t want to be a big legal marketing firm. We don’t try to be, and we never will.

You see, we saw a problem in this industry and started Blue Seven Content to tackle the issue. We want to provide the best legal content for law firm’s websites. That’s it. Nothing else.

What the Big Dogs Focus On

If you go to one of the major legal marketing firm’s websites and look at the upper menus of the page, you’ll see what types of services they offer. Without many variations, you’re likely to find a mix of the following:

  • Law firm SEO
  • Attorney website design
  • Pay per click services
  • Facebook / social media marketing
  • Chatbots for attorneys
  • YouTube advertising for lawyers
  • Website video production for law firms
  • Google Ads services

Somewhere in the mix, you’ll probably see “legal content writing,” though there are some agencies that put this service in some hidden realm that’s difficult to find.

Legal content writing is regularly seen as an afterthought, while the major efforts go into the other services mentioned. We aren’t saying that those other things aren’t important, but they’re nearly useless without quality written content on the law firm’s website.

Why We Focus on Providing the Best Legal Content

At this point it sounds so cliché – “Content is King.”

However, that has always been the case. That hasn’t changed. Yes, now video and audio content is important, but the written content on a webpage is still of vital importance.

We focus on written content for law firms only. We do this because we don’t want to over-extend ourselves. If we started delving into other areas of legal marketing, we’d dilute our powers. That’s not something we’re willing to do. We found a need, and we built Blue Seven Content around that need.

And it’s worked. We’re so booked out with work that we’ve spent a significant portion of time in 2021 training new writers to handle the demand.

Law firms and legal marketing agencies recognize that we know what we’re doing. They know we can provide the content they need.

We work with the best legal content writers

The Irony – We Work With Big Legal Marketing Firms

We certainly aren’t hostile to the big dawgs in the legal marketing field. We’ve found that the leaders of these companies noticed the same problems about quality content that we did. Most of these agencies have in-house legal content writers, but not a bunch. When they get large orders from new clients, this can leave them in a bind. Most legal marketing agencies also have a select group of freelance writers they work with to handle the overflow, but that can be hit or miss.

Freelancers are just that – free to do whatever they want. They may be available. They may not. They may provide quality work. They may not.

That is where we come in.

Blue Seven Content is the “scale up” that these larger legal marketing firms need. They know that we only do content, and they know we do it well. Companies know that we have an extensive onboarding and writer training process, and our pricing is transparent.

Around half of Blue Seven’s clients are legal marketing firms. Most of those firms are well-known names that our readers would instantly recognize (we can’t put the names here for obvious NDA/privacy reasons). We help keep these companies from spending time and resources on hiring and training new writers.

The Best Legal Content Writers for Your Law Firm or Legal Marketing Agency

If you are in a position where you think you need legal content writers but aren’t sure where to start, we have an idea.  

Call our team. Our initial meetings with clients are literally the most low-pressure conversations you’ll have. We just want to get to know you and your process. We’ll discuss what we can offer. Maybe we’ll work out a way to move forward. Some of the legal content writing that we provide includes:

You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. When you call, email, or fill out the contact form on the website, you will be put into direct contact with Blue Seven’s founders. We’re a small company, and we like to interact directly with clients.

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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