Law firms have so many choices when it comes to online marketing. Options range from giant legal marketing companies to small, boutique companies and everything in between. Law firm marketing is one of the most competitive digital marketing fields out there. There are plenty of pros and cons to working with marketing agencies for your website, but one thing we want to ask is – who is writing the actual content? Who, after you get past the beautiful, fully functional webpage, is crafting the words that your prospective clients will be reading?

When you use a marketing firm for your law firm’s website, you are probably getting a wonderful team of designers and back-end developers to make your page look sleek and function perfectly. However, the person writing your practice area pages and blog posts may have just finished writing the latest “10 Ten Pop Singers of December” blog post for a run-of-the-mill click-bait website.

At Blue Seven Content, we want to discuss some of the pitfalls of relying solely on a marketing firm to handle your law firm practice area pages, law firm landing pages, and law firm blog posts.

You want professional writers for your law firm’s content

There is a good chance you aren’t aware of how much content writers or copywriters actually make per word. The truth is that there is a wide range of what the going rate it. On the lower end – and we mean the lower end – you will see rates as low as .02 to .04 cents per word. One thing that we can guarantee is that finding a skilled writer to accept that rate is rare.

In all honesty, you are not going to get quality writing from a native-English speaker until you get past the .10 cents per word range, and that’s still in the questionable range.

If you are unsure about what I’m saying here, take a trip to Google and look up the going rate for a copywriter or SEO writer. Head over to Reddit read the discussions.

Now, do you want to take a guess about how much a marketing agency is paying writers?

Well, I can tell you from experience it is on the lower end of the spectrum. After all, they have other people to pay – the project manager, an SEO “expert,” the actual people putting the website together, and the person who owns the company.

  • Note – I started my journey in the legal field with several legal marketing agencies. I worked my rear off and learned as much as I could. Disclaimer – I still produce content for these agencies, often in partnership with Blue Seven Content.
  • There are definitely some law firm marketing agencies that DO pay their writers a fair amount of money per word. Just not many.

Remember when we said that the law firm marketing field was competitive? Well, competitiveness means that there are plenty of companies going up against one another for your business, which can drive down the rates they charge your law firm.

Lower rates for your law firm should always be a good thing, right?

Well, that’s like saying that the cheapest attorney is the best attorney. We know that’s not likely true. An online marketing firm has plenty of people to pay along the chain of getting your website to look and function well. The writer producing your content is just one of those people. The less the marketing firm gets paid to produce your page, the less they pay the writer. I can promise you that most quality writers will not even think about writing a law firm landing page or law firm practice area page for less than .12 cents per word, and that’s pushing it. That is especially true when it comes to native-English speakers.

We also want to discuss online marketing firms that don’t focus specifically on law firms. This can get precarious. Often, these agencies have no writers who have written content for law firms. They will either use writers that specialize in other fields and hope for the best, or they’ll bring in a freelancer. Unfortunately, the pay in these situations is also going to be on the lower end of the per-word spectrum.

Your law firm marketing company will use the content you tell them to use

You may think that you can’t provide your own content or hire someone to produce content for your law firm if you’re using a marketing agency. That’s likely not true. If you have a blog or practice area page you want to use on your page, the agency will put it up for you. At Blue Seven Content, we’ve produced content for law firms who are already working with legal marketing agencies. Yes, some of the agencies push back. Some get downright snippy, usually because the content we produce is simply better.

Work with Blue Seven Content today

At Blue Seven Content, our focus is on producing quality content for law firms. We specialize in developing:

We focus exclusively on law firm website content – that’s it. We don’t have anyone else to fork over money to other than our writers. Our team is small, and we like it that way. In fact, it wouldn’t take much time for us to arrange a phone call with the very person who would be working on your content. We want our law firm partners to be comfortable with the person writing the content for their firm. Whether you are currently working with a law firm marketing agency or not, we are here to discuss your options. Our team takes the time to get to know your practice areas and the socioeconomic and demographic data for your specific location so we can tailor your content appropriately. Please reach out to us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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