At Blue Seven Content, when we discuss why you need the best legal content writers for your law firm’s website, there is an analogy that one of our founders likes to use (paraphrasing here):

“You know how these big blockbuster movies look fantastic? They have beautiful scenery and amazing effects. Explosions here, a starship there. But have you ever listened to the dialogue? It’s usually lacking.”

  • Victoria Lozano

That’s what it’s like going onto some law firm websites. They look fantastic. There are graphics and catchy colors. It’s an entire production, and you can tell that someone spent some money.

Then you start reading the content.

Law Firm Content is Sometimes All Hype and no Substance

Going to a movie theater to see a big production film that lacks any substance is far too common. Unfortunately, so is going to a law firm’s website and reading content that needs serious work. Off the top of our head, some of the main problems that can usually be spotted right away when a law firm doesn’t use good legal content writers (or tries to write the content themselves) include the following:

  • No concept of the audience
  • Using language far too complicated for the reader
  • No keywords
  • No geo focus
  • No headings
  • Long paragraphs that never end
  • No bullet points
  • No internal or external links
  • No CTA

But hey, at least the site looks good, right?

Why Law Firms AND Legal Marketing Agencies Need to Change Their Mindset

Historically, law firms and legal content marketing agencies have had slim budgets when it comes to paying for the written legal content on the website. We have even talked to some attorneys who believe that some well-placed keywords will be sufficient on their law firm practice area pages and law firm blogs.

They are completely missing the boat.

We’re willing to bet that there is no attorney or legal marketing director out there who has not heard the phrase “Content is King.”

At what point did people stop believing this?

Slowly, law firms and legal marketing agencies are coming back around to the idea that they’re going to have to fork over a little bit more money in order to get quality content onto their website. All the splash and pizazz on a website is meaningless unless there is well-written content that meets the needs of the firm.

Both law firms and legal marketing agencies need to seek out the best attorney content writers to help accomplish the ultimate goal – get readers to the page by ranking high on search results, keeping potential clients on the page with the content, and then converting the readers to actual clients.

Blue Seven Content has the Best Legal Content Writers for Your Needs

We previously discussed our process for finding and training the best attorney content writers. When you are looking for a legal content writer for your law firm or legal marketing agency, you have to step outside of the idea that all writers are created equal. That is simply not the truth.

You cannot have somebody pounding out “10 Ten Cartoon Characters of the 80s” articles while simultaneously creating your law firm pages explaining subrogation and medical liens. Trust us, there is a time and place for writers who can effectively tell us about cartoons (we’ll read those articles, too); but a law firm’s website is serious business.

At Blue Seven Content, we understand this. We take content writing for law firms and legal marketing agencies very seriously. That is why we have such an extensive onboarding process with new writers.

We search out writers who have advanced degrees, conduct interviews with them, and then provide step-by-step training manuals for law firm blog posts and law firm practice area pages. We then have training sessions with every new writer to go over the ins and outs of the legal writing process. Finally, all new writers submit samples which are then critiqued by experienced legal writers.

And we don’t stop there.

Our writers are always learning new things, and Blue Seven hosts monthly legal content writer meetings so we can all get together to make adjustments and generally encourage one another.

Where to Find the Best Attorney Content Writers

If you are a law firm or an attorney looking to take the next steps to enhance your written content, we are standing by to help you. Even if you are already working with a legal marketing agency, we can provide supplemental content that can be given to the agency and placed onto your page (trust us, you are paying for their services, so they will use the content if you tell them to).

We also want to let legal marketing agencies know that it is okay if you need some assistance. We can confidently say that our onboarding process is more extensive than most legal marketing firms when it comes to writers. So, please take advantage of that and let us provide services on your behalf. Our team provides:

You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. When you call, email, or fill out the contact form on the website, you will be put into direct contact with Blue Seven’s founder.

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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