Writing is an art, especially law firm SEO content writing. Everyone can write, but only a few spend the time to perfect it, or at least make attempts to perfect it. Like art, the beauty of writing is subject to the viewer. Not all readers like the same type of writing, and not all writing is for your average reader. 

How do you know which writer is a good fit for your site? Blue Seven Content focuses only on written content. Our hiring process is intensive because we only want writers who are dedicated to their passion for writing. Like any good matchmaker, we assess our client’s needs with the strengths of our writers to make a sustainable match to help grow your business. 

How Do We Assign the Best Law Firm SEO Writer For You?

When you choose Blue Seven Content, you choose to work with a team of elite writers with various backgrounds, degrees, and levels of experience. After the initial meet and greet with the co-founders Allen Watson and Victoria Lozano, they will assess your current content. 

The assessment is an opportunity to ask questions about the needs and wants of the client. Here are some common questions: 

  • Do you want to elevate your content? 
  • Are you happy with the length of your articles? 
  • Are there certain pages that rank lower than others? 
  • Do you want your content to sound empathetic or authoritative? 

These are an example of a few questions that help Allen and Victoria understand the nature of the project to make an initial match. Let the speed dating begin!

How We Navigate the First Date 

Blue Seven Content understands the nuances of writing. Writing is an art, but unfortunately, it comes with a high level of subjectivity. Thankfully the writers, and founders, are not easily offended. 

For example, suppose you hire Blue Seven Content for 10 pages worth of work. Instead of delivering all 10 pages within two weeks, they suggest a trial period. This trial period will give the client a few pages to preview. 

Like a first date, the client gets to engage with the text and see if the initial impression is worth pursuing or if it’s not quite the perfect fit. 

Is This a Perfect Match? 

We meet with clients again to get their feedback and overall impression of the text. Sometimes the initial previews are a hit, and the match is perfect. The client likes the writer, and we continue with the transaction. 

If the client does not like the content, then can we switch up the writer. (Hence the speed dating metaphor!) We have an array of writers that offer different levels of writing and research. Because we know that some areas are more prolific than others, we have JDs on our staff waiting to write more in-depth articles that sometimes require intimate knowledge of the law. 

We also have writers who are trained to write with the “particulars” of the client in mind. Each client is unique (another dating metaphor) and comes with a certain set of rules and expectations. 

Our writers are trained to review those rules and write according to the client’s needs. One writer may have four different clients, and they are trained to approach each client in the way specified in the initial assessment. 

Find a writer who really understands your law firm and can get the SEO content you need out to the world.

Finding the right law firm SEO writer for your blogs, landing pages, practice area pages, press releases, etc. is not an easy process. Like dating, you are going to go through a lot of no’s before you find a yes. If you are interested in learning more about how we assess a client’s needs and match them with our best writers you can schedule a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. 

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