Lawyers, let’s talk about money. No, really. Let’s have a discussion about how you discuss money on your law firm landing pages and law firm practice area pages.

The reality in this country is that, while the stock market may be doing well, most people in this country do not see their wealth reflected in Wall Street. There is a significant gap between upper-income brackets and lower-income earners in this country. This can have a profound effect on how you should reach out to clients. Particularly, awareness of the socioeconomic status of your community and prospective clients should factor into how you discuss your attorney fees on your law firm practice area pages and law firm landing pages.

The money discussion on your law firm landing pages and law firm practice area pages

When I work with clients, I’m sometimes met with resistance when trying to incorporate a discussion, even just a sentence or two, about rates. Some clients want to avoid this discussion altogether and would rather get the prospective client in the door for a consultation before they even talk about how much they charge. I think, in many cases, this is going to be a bad idea and a waste of everybody’s time.

I like to encourage attorneys to make some kind of mention of their rates on their page. More than ever, I found myself recommending that this information be put towards the top of law firm landing pages or law firm practice area pages, particularly for personal injury law, criminal law, family law, and estate law.

This can be done fairly simply. As an example of how I approach writing about rates with certain practice area pages for clients, you may see me include lines like:

  • At Blue Seven Law, we take Kalamazoo personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients will not have to pay any upfront or out-of-pocket costs for their case and will only owe legal fees after we secure the compensation they deserve.
  • At Blue Seven Law, we offer affordable rates for those facing serious criminal charges in Phoenix because we believe that everyone deserves adequate legal representation in court.
  • At Blue Seven Law, our Jacksonville family law attorneys offer their services at reasonable rates so that you can afford to have a skilled and qualified advocate by your side.

Of course, there are various ways to say the same things, but you see that we can accomplish the rate discussion without discussing exact dollar amounts while also getting in some SEO keywords.

On that note, there are certain practice areas where people expect that they will be paying a sizable premium for the service. In this vein, I’m thinking about copyright and patent law, corporate labor law defense, and various other niche practice areas. In those cases, it may not make sense to discuss your rates until after you have your prospective client in the door.

A rate discussion gives the client some confidence

If we’re honest with one another, the perception of the general public is that attorneys are out to make a ton of money at the expense of their clients. Of course, outlandishly fictional TV shows and movies have perpetuated the stereotype, but that’s what we’re left dealing with. When you mention your rates, even with just a sentence or two within your law firm practice area pages or law firm landing pages, you are letting the client know upfront that they may actually be able to afford your assistance. When your clients read your pages, you want them to gain a sense of comfort. Along with a quick discussion on rates, I always suggest that these pages be written in simple English (no complex legal terms), smaller sentences, smaller paragraphs, and bullet points when possible.

I also strongly encourage you to use various types of governmental and research data before you write to gain an understanding of the socioeconomic and demographic patterns in your area. You need to know your audience so that you can tone your practice area pages and landing pages towards them. At Blue Seven Content, our qualified team of legal writers has experience creating the following:

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Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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