Welcome to the complex world of law firm marketing. As you begin figuring out how to write your law firm landing pages, law firm practice area pages, and law firm blog posts, how many of you have heard phrases similar to this?

  • You have to use the exact keyword phrases exactly this amount of times.
  • You must have exactly this amount of internal and external links.
  • You must use exactly this phrasing in your heading.
  • Your meta description has to say exactly this.
  • …and on, and on, and on…

Okay, maybe law firm marketing isn’t miserable, but it can be intimidating. This is particularly true when you start reading or listening to others tell you “exactly” what you need to do. Well, let me offer a different take than you are likely to hear right away – none of these “exact” SEO tactics are going to work if you have garbage content.

High-quality written content is the most overlooked aspect of law firm marketing. SEO experts and legal marketing companies often fail to stress the importance of the actual content on the pages.

High-quality content is necessary for your law firm’s website

Google is smart. Like, really smart.

Google is constantly changing the way that its algorithms analyze websites, particularly when it comes to finding pages with quality content and putting those pages in front of reader’s eyes. There is a reason that you always see SEO experts discussing the most recent changes about how Google handles search engine optimization. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that you see updates about Google algorithms from SEO experts each week.

How can you, as an attorney or law firm content provider, keep up with every one of these changes?

The short answer is – you can’t. Unless you study SEO tactics on a daily basis, there’s no way you can be expected to keep up with all of the relevant changes that could affect a law firm’s website rankings.

However, there is one continual fact that has remained true for as long as SEO has even been a thing – quality content is essential.

As Google and other search engines continue to improve the way they interpret law firm website pages, they will continue to be able to spot pages with “good” and “bad” content. If you have written for law firms, or if you are an attorney, then you have most certainly seen poorly written law firm website pages. I’d link a few examples in here, but calling people out online isn’t my style. I have been known, though, to use a chat bot or two to let a law firm know about a glaringly obvious mistake on their page.

NOTHING will get a prospective client to click the back button faster than an incoherent page. Readers want a clean and professional law firm page. They want to page to address their current needs, give them some information on the topic, and tell them how to get a hold of the attorney.

The page should be written by someone who has a firm grasp of the English language, including any local colloquialisms. A law firm page should contain relevant research and links to reputable outside sources (this is a topic of debate, but I will always err on the side of linking to appropriate research).

At Blue Seven Content, we have previously discussed how law firm marketing companies often use less-than-skilled writers to produce content for their law firm clients. That is not okay.

Contact Blue Seven Content for help with your law firm marketing today

You need quality content on your law firm’s website. You also likely don’t have much time to produce the content needed to draw prospective clients in. At Blue Seven Content, we focus exclusively on law firm content – not your webpage design, not pop-ups or chat bots, not your social media pages. We handle written content only, which enables us to do what needs to be done to ensure you are passing a good image into the internet universe.  

At Blue Seven Content, our qualified team of legal writers has experience creating the following:

We are the first to acknowledge that we aren’t the cheapest option out there. You can probably get a blog written for your law firm for $5 or $10 if you head over to Fiverr, but will you be getting a page that is worthy of your law firm? Blue Seven Content is here when you want the sand-heated Turkish coffee style of content, not the McDonalds instant brew coffee content. If you need help crafting quality content for your law firm’s website, please reach out to us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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