Your law firm needs data

The demographic and socioeconomic status of the population in your law firm’s location matter. Your law firm will only be successful if you can gain clients, which means that you need to understand your client base. While there are some law firms that draw from very large geographic areas, or even from the entire country, that is not usually the case. Most small- to mid-sized law firms rely on the people located in the area where their law firm is physically located. Sometimes this is a single city. Other times, this means multiple cities or counties.

Your law firm marketing. Why does this data matter?

Using local demographic and socioeconomic data can enhance your law firm’s online content as well as your understanding of your client base. Specifically, data related to your state, county, and city are all important. Regardless of what field of law you practice, you can be sure that your area’s demographic and socioeconomic profile plays a huge role and how your clients view law firms and lawyers as a whole.

Demographics and socioeconomics play a huge role in how you target your audience.

No matter the industry, you better believe that demographic and socioeconomic data is obtained and heavily scrutinized. This data significantly contributes to the way that educators approach teaching students in their area. Fast food restaurants do not even begin planning new locations until they have a thorough understanding of the population in the target market area.

As a law firm, you need to apply the same concept to how you approach gaining new clients. For every area that you are located in or that you wish to target, you need to understand specific data sets. For each target area, you need to research and understand the population’s:

  • Racial and ethnic makeup
  • Mean and median income
  • Employment status
  • Types of occupations
  • Poverty level
  • Educational attainment
  • Languages spoken at home
  • Marital status

How is this data gathered for your law firm?

Gathering this data can seem daunting, but the good news is that the US Census Bureau gathers all of this data on a regular basis. While you may understand that the Census does their big national count every 10 years, the reality is that they continue to put out reports each year about specific data that could be important for your law fair. The US Census Bureau breaks down the data that you need at the national level, state level, county level, and local municipal level. You can even tone your search to target specific zip codes.

With this data, you will be able to tailor your landing pages, practice area pages, and blog posts towards a specific audience. For example, suppose that you notice in one area of your law firm’s location that most of the population has only high school diplomas or GEDs and not much in the way of higher education. Perhaps this is an area known for industrial work, blue-collar work. When you want to target this area with your landing pages, practice area pages, sub-pages, or blogs, you may want to stick with information about why the potential client needs an attorney for their particular problem, what type of compensation they can receive (for personal injury cases), penalties they may be facing (for criminal defense cases), and how much your services cost.

However, suppose that you notice in another area of your law firm’s target market relation has a high median income, and the people there have a higher percentage of college degree attainment. For this particular target area, you may want to target your practice area pages, sub-pages, and blogs differently. Perhaps you can delve into more information regarding the laws and even the theories behind some of the laws.

From the readability and grade level of the content on your law firm’s website to the information that goes into every page, socioeconomic and demographic data for your law firm’s target market is crucial.

Turn to Blue Seven Content for your law firm demographic and socioeconomic report

At Blue Seven Content, members of our team trained researchers. We have extensive experience gathering and analyzing demographic and socioeconomic data, which is exactly what we understand that you do not have the time to do. Let us take this off your plate and provide you with valuable information that you can use, not only for your online marketing, but also for other aspects of your firm.

All you have to do is tell us what area you want targeted, and we will do this research for you. We will use data from the US Census Bureau and other reputable statistical agencies to put together the demographic and socioeconomic data for the target area. We will also put together our analysis about how this data can help shape the content on your law firm’s website. You can click here to view all of our products as well as the pricing for these services.

If you are ready to use socioeconomic and demographic data to enhance your law firm website marketing, please reach out to us for a free review by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158.