By now, it is widely known that keyword campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) have huge impacts on the ability of one’s business to succeed. This is especially true for law firms that are constantly vying for new clients amongst the large playing field of attorneys that people have to choose from. Law firm keyword campaigns can help.

As the newest and most popular form of marketing in the 21st century is the internet, you must play by its rules to stand above the rest. To learn more about how you can better market your law firm with strong keyword campaigns, please reach out to Blue Seven Content, where you will find the best law firm content writers out there.

Why Do I Need a Law Firm Keyword Campaign? 

Keyword campaigns are the bread and butter of law firm SEO. With the vast majority of the American population using the internet when looking for goods and services, it is absolutely imperative that a law firm’s marketing strategies are up-to-date. This is even more important when other factors are considered, such as a firm’s reputation and the wide array of other lawyers attempting to out-market their competitors. Ultimately, your primary goal with a keyword campaign is ensuring that your firm ends up on top of search engine results when potential clients try to find law firm websites to turn to after needing legal assistance.

Keyword campaigns are, most notably, included in practice area landing pages and blogs. Practice area pages are the content that gives the reader a general overview of what your firm does and how it does it – the general landing page for a given practice area. Whether it be dog bites or motorcycle accidents, this is a law firm’s opportunity to capture the attention of clientele and reel them in. This is a critical page to have pop up on search engines as this page will be viewed at much higher rates than most other pages on your site. 

Yet there is still another category of pages that the keyword campaign should be utilized on: blogs. Singular blogs may be viewed less than your practice area landing pages, but are still important because updating your site regularly will appease the algorithm associated with search engine optimization. By combining a healthy stream of blogs with the use of an effective keyword campaign, you will ensure that your law firm website will begin to rise in the Google rankings. This comprehensive approach to online legal marketing is the best way to ensure that more people will start picking up the phone to request your services.

Make sure to create a strong keyword campaign for your law firm – and stick with it.

What Should I Target with Keywords?

There are a some main topics that you should be targeting your keywords towards. By selecting the correct and most relevant target areas for your campaign, you will be reaching the audience most likely to need the services your firm provides. The importance of this is exemplified through over-generalized marketing tactics that are too broad or too narrow, driving away potential customers. The goal of this targeting strategy is to let the reader know that your firm is serving clients just like them. 

  • Geographical area – All law firms serve a particular geographical region. It is important that you reach potential clients within the geographical area in which you operate. Therefore, sometimes using too broad of language lessens the number of people who eventually reach out and contact you. Your keywords should be more focused on cities that you are operating in, as well as counties – especially for more rural areas.
  • Practice area – This is one of the most important areas of law firm SEO. The practice areas that you are marketing within a practice area page or blog will be critical as a search engine scours the internet for matches. This can include personal injury law, white-collar defense law, slips and falls, or whatever practice area you are hoping to get more clients for. In any case, the client will want to know that the firm in question can undoubtedly handle their case before reaching out.
  • Attorneys – In addition to including information that highlights where your firm is and what type of law it deals with, you want to include the title of the people that work there. In spelling out the type of attorneys that work for your firm, the Google algorithm will be able to better recommend your services to potential clients.
  • Name of your firm – Part of a keyword campaign is creating a foundation for whatever landing page internet searchers are met with. You should include the name of your law firm so as to not make your content too general that it gets lost in the mix of other law firm practice area pages and blogs.

Strong Keyword Formats for Law Firms 

Different keyword formats are preferred in search engine optimization. While these are common at present, it is important to remember that search engine optimization is constantly changing. Your best option when trying to decide how to craft the best keyword campaign for your law firm website is by consulting the legal SEO copywriters in the game from a law firm content company.

One suggestion is to place the geographical location at the beginning of a phrase, such as “Charleston personal injury attorney” or “Charleston car accidents.” This lines up well with the types of sentences and phrases submitted in search engines by clients looking for lawyers. However, there are additional phrases that people may submit, such as placing the geographic location at the end of the sentence. Consider the phrase, “Car accident attorney in Charlotte.” This is an everyday phrase that Google and Yahoo want to see. By varying your wording on your pages, you will retain readability in your writing while also adhering to the rules of search engine optimization.

The One-Stop Shop for Your Law Firm Keyword Campaign and Content

Clearly, search engine optimization is one of the most important cogs that you will need in your marketing machine. The utilization of a strong keyword campaign will complement the SEO algorithms that dictate your law firm’s performance in capturing new clients. If you would like to learn more about how your firm can improve its marketing strategies and reach a wider audience, please send a message to some of the best legal content writers with Blue Seven Content by clicking here or calling (843) 580-3158. Our team is dedicated to the success of our clients.

Written By Ian Shotts – Legal Content Writer

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