Few industries are as competitive online as the legal industry. Law firms spend up to fifteen percent of their revenue on marketing, which means the more a law firm brings in, the more they are going to spend on marketing. It is surprising how many law firms are losing money on marketing by going with the wrong legal marketing companies.

But when you spend all your time in court or with clients, it can be difficult to tell when the marketing company you have selected to drive leads to your law firm is going to produce the most favorable results.

It is no secret that digital marketing and search engine optimization efforts are not an overnight solution. On the contrary, a strong marketing strategy is built to withstand and in preparation of trends and algorithm updates, which can stretch over a period of months and years.

Many law firms looking for their greatest return on investment will choose top marketing companies to handle their content marketing efforts. But you might be surprised to find that you aren’t seeing the leads you thought you would by now.

There are some key reasons why these legal marketing companies are making it on top. And it is not because they are producing the best content. Here’s why Blue Seven Content is the best place for the top law firms across the country to get their legal content.

We Are Not a Content Mill

Some of the top legal marketing companies in the country are rapidly shifting to a content mill model of web content production. This is exactly the style of content that you want to avoid in the legal industry. Major marketing companies will take on more clients than they can reasonably handle. And rather than spend the money on in-house writers, they will instead contract that work out to freelance writers working with content mill agencies.

The problem is not with the freelance writers. Freelance writers, especially those who focus primarily on legal writing, are some of the top contributors in the industry. But content mills are known for producing mass amounts of poor-quality content. The last thing you need as a competitive law firm is content that does not read well or translate into leads.

Blue Seven is better than the top legal marketing companies because we are not a content mill. That model is not for us, or our clients. We do not focus on producing massive amounts of content that will not convert. We take the time to carefully craft every single page. Our best practices have been proven time and again to boost law firm rankings and steal the top spots of lawyers working with top legal marketing companies.

Specialized Focus on Content Marketing

One of the biggest issues with top legal marketing companies is that they stretch themselves too thin. Most people know that digital marketing as a whole is an extremely involved process. Between search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, social media management, on page SEO efforts, and link building, making sure that your law firm is prepared for success online takes more than just high-quality content.

But even the best legal marketing companies cannot do it all. There is a reason why many of the top legal marketing companies in the country have a high client turnover rate. They will tell you that their clients were not in it for the long-haul, or that they did not understand that search engine optimization and digital marketing takes time.

While this may be true, Blue Seven Content is able to maintain our client list and keep our law firms ranking by hyper-focusing on legal writing for law firms. Our ability to work with some of the top legal marketing companies, who may be lacking in the content marketing department, make us the obvious choice when you are looking for the best legal writing in the country.

The reason why many legal marketing efforts are successful is because they follow trends. The way a webpage is designed, the verbiage used, the way that the content is written, the specific vocabulary chosen, the placement of images and text, and other important SEO efforts will all change over time and with the needs of readers.

But Blue Seven Content does not follow trends. We set them. Our writers are constantly trying new and inventive ways of getting across to readers so they convert. It is only when our competitors see how successful our pages are that they begin implementing the same types of techniques and trends that we have created within our writing. Skip the middleman and call Blue Seven when your law firm needs high-quality legal content.

Top legal marketing companies are not successful on their own. The best writers for law firms nationwide are experts who have a niche-specialty in legal writing. Our legal writers at Blue Seven Content have dedicated their careers to creating and following marketing trends that allow them to customize legal content and drive leads to some of the most competitive law firms across the country.

When you are ready to take your law firm to the next level with your content marketing strategy, go straight to the source of premier legal writing in the U.S. Contact Blue Seven Content for a free consultation with our company’s founders. Fill out our quick contact form or call our office at 843-580-3158 to get started.

Written by Dianna Mason – Legal Content Writer

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