Why does communication with legal marketing companies matter?

Suppose you’re looking for the best legal content writers to take your law firm’s website to the next level. You type into Google various search terms that you think will work – best legal marketing companies, top marketing agencies for law firms, how to write a law firm blog post, and so on.

You make a list of five companies that you see pop up over and over and start dialing.

Ring, ring, ring.

Robotic but “supposed to be realistic” voice answers – “Thank you for calling Generic Legal Marketing Company. Please leave a brief message about how we can help you, along with your contact information. We’ll be in touch soon.”

If I called during someone’s business hours and that was the message I received, I would certainly hang up and go to the next person on my list.

The truth is that we love connection, no matter what industry we’re in. Over the last year, I’ve learned the value of speaking to every potential client that calls our phone number or makes contact through the website.

A Story of Miscommunication and the Results

I like to talk to prospective clients. I actually enjoy the conversations, whether over the phone or through Zoom. I think establishing a personal connection is important. Every client speaks to either myself or Blue Seven co-founder Victoria Lozano.

We recently spoke to Adam (name changed for the story). Adam has a solo firm in California, just outside of a major market. His website has languished over the last two years, and he’s had trouble with the legal marketing agencies who were supposed to be there to help him.

Adam started out with a fairly large and well-known legal marketing company. If we named it here, you’d know the name. However, they were so big that they’d become slow, at least when it came to adjusting his website the way he wanted to. When Adam would call this company, he’d rarely get through to someone who could make the changes he wanted. He was shelling over an ungodly amount of money to them each month to do basically nothing. He wasn’t getting new content. He was getting the magical “SEO spa treatment.”

I call bullshit.

So, Adam reached out to another company, one I’d never heard of. Their pitch sounded good, and they were less expensive, but that’s about as good as it got. Adam says that they, too, said they were doing some SEO “stuff” each month, but he never saw new content and his rankings plummeted.

Adam says that every time he called this other company, he always ended up speaking to someone didn’t speak English all that well and could never address his needs.

Overall, Adam had gone from making a few hundred thousand dollars from online leads each year to a number we won’t even mention here.

Blue Seven Content Values Client Communication

Adam got ahold of Blue Seven last month and spoke directly to me. We talked for an hour about his experiences and about what we do. Honestly, I think this was the first in-depth conversation he’d ever had about actual legal content, keywords, and the challenges of ranking in his market. We agreed on a test page (something I insist on for every new client), and he loved it. We’re now finishing all of his website pages, and I really think we’ll see some changes in a few months for his firm. Adam understands the need for communication with legal marketing companies, and we’re proud he’s chosen us.

I thought that speaking to clients was normal. Now I know better. Two months ago, a rather large firm out of Cali called our business number and discussed his needs and asked when he could get in touch with a “sales” person to get further into how we could help. He thought I was the receptionist.

Once I told him I was the co-owner of Blue Seven, he was shocked. He said it made him much happier that he was talking directly with someone who knew what they were doing, and he knew he wouldn’t be pushed from person to person before a partnership could be made. We set up a Zoom with his business partner and mine for the next day, and we’ve been working with them ever since.

Conversations create long-term clients.

Let Blue Seven Help With Your Law Firm Content

At Blue Seven Content, we know that communication with legal marketing companies matters. We truly believe we have the best legal content writers who can enhance your law firm’s website pages quickly. As we mentioned above, we always start out with a paid test page to make sure we’re a good fit with potential clients. To this day, everyone we’ve done a test page for has continued the relationship.

Our law firm content writers can help with a range of content issues, including providing:

You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. When you contact Blue Seven, you will be connected directly with the company’s founders.

Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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