You want the best content law firm website content, but how do you get it? Do you turn to your attorneys, paralegals, or legal assistants?


Do you find an all-in-one legal marketing agency?


Those are options, but probably not your best ones. When you’re searching for the best legal content writers, there are seven essential steps you can take to ensure you’re on the right path.  

  1. 1. Quality: Rise to a Higher Standard for the Best Law Firm Content
  2. 2. Pricing: Don’t Reach for Rock Bottom Pricing
  3. 3. Experience: Use Experienced Legal Content Writers
  4. 4. Communication: Do Your Legal Writers Communicate Regularly
  5. 5. Ability to Meet Deadlines: Is the Content Turned in On Time
  6. 6. Willingness to Accept Feedback: How do Your Writers Handle Feedback?
  7. 7. Rewrites: How Much Will Rewrites Cost Your Law Firm?
  8. Get Started With the Best Law Firm Content Today

1. Quality: Rise to a Higher Standard for the Best Law Firm Content

Quality is key. However, all too often, we see that content on law firm websites is sub-par quality. Now, you do not need to have college reading levels on your website, but you do need to have content that is well-written.

What we have discovered is that everybody thinks they are a writer. After all, anyone can type out some words on a keyboard and make them appear on a screen. That does not mean, however, that the writing is any good. You have to be honest with yourself and your abilities. Some people are great orators. Some people are great researchers. This does not necessarily mean that they are great writers. Writing is a skill that some people have, and some people don’t have.

Great writing skills are not the only ingredient for quality content. You also have to understand how these pages should be formatted. You need to find a writer who understands how to use headings appropriately and how to craft a clear message with shorter paragraphs, short sentences, and bullet points.

Importantly, you have to find a legal content writer who understands keywords and how to implement them into your content without seemingly forcing them down a reader’s throat.

Finding the best legal content writing quality is tough, but not impossible.

2. Pricing: Don’t Reach for Rock Bottom Pricing

Go to Upwork and type in “law firm content writer.” I dare you. You’ll see plenty of people looking for exactly what you are looking for – someone to craft the content for their particular website. If you have never used a website like Upwork, then what you do not know is that every post is going to get hundreds of applications from individuals all vying to become the lowest bidder. Yes, I am sure you would get very excited to pay $10 for a 1,000-word blog post for your law firm. At those rates, you could create pages and blog posts for your entire website for a few hundred dollars.

What I know is that you’re likely going to be very disappointed with the work that you get if you chase the lowest rates.

Perhaps you are a legal professional. Maybe you are a legal marketing agency looking for writers right now. You are a professional, and the only way for you to maintain your professional reputation is to work with other professionals. Writing is a profession, and you have to treat it as such when looking for the best legal content providers.

Search around for the best pricing options, yes, but the lowest price is almost never going to be your best option. Time and time again, we have worked with clients who went with the lower-priced option only to discover that it was a complete disaster. We have been asked to redo other writers’ work more time than we can count, and it pains me. It pains me because I know the client has already paid for content once and is now having to pay us for content again.

By the way, we usually just scrap the old content and create fresh content anew in these situations.

It does not matter what field you are in or what kind of services you need; experience matters. I say this (Allen) as a person who had absolutely no legal content writing experience when I first started in this field. I was swimming without floaties. But I learned. I also know this only worked because I was already an experienced writer. But even then, it took me a significant amount of time to really understand how to write quality legal content. When I go back and look at the first law firm practice area pages I wrote, I cringe. They were just not that great. However, they were better than some of the content that I still see getting put up on law firm websites, so that’s saying something.

You want to find a team of content writers who have experience handling law firm practice area pages, law firm blog posts, law firm landing pages, and any other type of content that you need.

Have you ever worked with an employee or contractor who just could not communicate well? It can quickly become a nightmare, particularly when you have deadlines and a need for your content right away.

When you are working with legal content writers, we understand that this is usually through a contract or freelance writing situation. Since these individuals are not actual employees, you cannot dictate when or how they complete their work. The only thing you can really do is give them a deadline and ask for the work to be done by then.

However, just because a person is a freelancer does not mean that they shouldn’t communicate regularly. The best law firm content writers in the business stay in regular contact with their point person. You want a content writer who asks you more questions, not less. You want a writer who will let you know if there are any issues coming up with deadlines.

Good communication skills between clients and writers are perhaps one of the most important parts of this whole relationship.

5. Ability to Meet Deadlines: Is the Content Turned in On Time

Deadlines are important. If they weren’t, then there wouldn’t be any deadline, I suppose. Everything has a deadline, and one of the most important skills law firm content writers learn very early is that deadlines need to be met.

Yes, there are times when emergencies arise. However, this should not be the norm. If a content writer experiences an emergency, they should communicate this to their client as soon as possible. What we have found is that early communication typically means that arrangements can be made. Clients appreciate it when you let them know what is going on so that they can adjust. Usually, the client extends the deadline, but that may not be possible. If the writer communicates early enough, the client can find someone else to handle the work. There is nothing worse than a client finding out the day before the deadline or the day of the deadline that the work will not be complete. This can really put clients in a bind.

If you are ever working with a legal content writer who consistently fails to meet deadlines, this is a problem, and you should probably look somewhere else for another writer.

You need a law firm content writer who consistently meets deadlines.

6. Willingness to Accept Feedback: How do Your Writers Handle Feedback?

No two clients are exactly alike. It does not matter how long we have been in the legal writing business, we know that every time we sign a new law firm or agency on board that we will have to adjust to their specific formatting and styles.

One of the first things that we tell clients is that before we officially start working with one another, we would like to do a few test pages (paid of course – NEVER ask a writer to work for free). These test pages give the client and us a good idea about whether or not this will be a good working relationship moving forward. The client can give us feedback about their expectations, and we can adjust moving forward with future content.

Additionally, there will never be a case when a client gets perfect content 100% of the time. While you should expect your legal content writer to produce content that is almost always error-free, there will be mistakes that go through. Even if the law firm content writer uses Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, or another type of editing software, mistakes happen. The important thing to determine is how a writer responds to feedback and moves forward.

7. Rewrites: How Much Will Rewrites Cost Your Law Firm?

Rewrites do happen, though not often. When you begin working with a legal content writer, ask them how much they charge for rewrites. At Blue Seven Content, we have a few policies regarding rewrites.

If we make a mistake, we do not charge for a rewrite. Sometimes, spelling or grammar errors slip through the cracks. Of course, we would not charge to fix this. In other cases, we misinterpret what the client wanted and provide a piece of content that just does not work. Again, if we are the ones who misunderstood what the client needed, we will do the rewrite for free.

If a client fails to properly communicate their expectations, or if they change their mind and decide that they want something else after we finish, then a rewrite will be full price. We own it if we make a mistake, so we expect our clients to own it if they make a mistake.

Get Started With the Best Law Firm Content Today

Finding the right fit for your law firm is tough. It’s like forming a partnership, and that involves trust. We always encourage clients to start with a trial run, perhaps a few pages, to see if they’ve found the best legal content writer for their needs. If you’re interested finding the best law firm website content services, we are ready to get to work. We handle:

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Written by Allen Watson – CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Seven Content

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