A FAQ section for your website is a great way to create new conversions and leads by improving your SEO, but you need to have the right law firm FAQ topics. When prospective clients visit your page, they will undoubtedly have questions regarding what they can expect when working with you, the services you offer, your attorneys, and how you work. Many of these questions can be covered under the law firm FAQ sections rather than clients having to search multiple places. 

Adding a law firm FAQ section on your practice area pages provides a more user-friendly experience for clients. A FAQ section can provide your clients valuable information while saving your law firm resources and time by answering these common questions less often. Below, we discuss how to get started with a FAQ section and how it can benefit your law firm.

Craft quality, well-researched FAQ page to help your reader better understand the issues.
FAQs are a great way to improve the reader experience on your law firm’s website.

Benefits of Creating a FAQ for Your Law Firm’s Website

The benefits of your law firm having a legal FAQ section are numerous. Here are just a few of those benefits.

Saves Your Law Firm Money and Time

Your law firm is likely to receive the same questions from prospective clients consistently. If these questions are easily accessible in your law firm website’s FAQ, your staff will save time by not having to respond to these questions.

Improves User Experience 

Visitors are looking for easy access to legal information, and you provide that for potential clients when giving them a FAQ section. You can provide a positive experience leading to established trust with potential clients by saving them time and effort when interacting with your website.

FAQ sections on landing pages and blog posts should be easy to navigate and well-organized. You should use logical structure, clear headings, and bullet points to help visitors easily locate any information they seek.

Builds Your Law Firm Website’s Trustworthiness and Credibility 

Creating a FAQ can contribute to your law firm’s trustworthiness and credibility. A FAQ section demonstrates your firm’s knowledge and legal expertise in their practice area by providing clients with comprehensive and accurate answers to their legal questions. 

Such information leaves potential clients feeling more comfortable with choosing to work with you. Your law firm will have a solid reputation for trustworthiness and credibility when you share some free legal knowledge to prove your attorneys are highly capable. 

Creating an Effective Law Firm FAQ

Here are the six steps to quickly creating your law firm’s FAQ.

1. Identify Your Law Firm’s Most Common Questions

Sit with your staff and discuss the questions your clients ask you most frequently. You likely have a good list of questions you should include. But if not, ask your staff to write them down as they come up and update your FAQ with repeat questions.

One tactic may be to research some pinpoint keyword questions that have been typed most often into Google that are relevant to your practice area and add those to your FAQ.

2. Organize Questions by Topic 

After establishing the list of questions you want to include, you should organize them by practice area or topic. Doing so makes it easier for potential clients to find the information they are searching for while helping you create a more visually appealing FAQ.

3. Use Easily Understandable Language 

The best law firm website content has language that clients can understand. You want the answers to your FAQ to be easily understood by using plain language and avoiding complex legal jargon. It is best to assume that the majority of visitors to your website are not familiar with legal terminology, so keeping it simple will give you the best results.

4. Frequent Updates

You will want to keep your FAQ section updated by adding new questions and by updating any existing answers. Updating your content on a regular basis will help with overall SEO, and potential clients will appreciate that you have provided them with the most up-to-date information.

5. Make Your FAQ Easily Accessible 

The location of your FAQ is just as important as the questions you answer. Pick a prominent location on your law firm’s website to add your FAQ. We suggest you link the FAQ in the main navigation bar so that it is visible from every page.

6. Provide Accurate Information

When answering any FAQ questions, you need to be sure your answers are accurate and up-to-date with current practices and laws in your area.

Writing Engaging FAQs for Law Firm Websites 

You want your FAQs to be engaging for those who are reading them. The following are some tips you can follow to create an FAQ that will capture the interest of your audience.

You are trying to answer questions for your clients, and when you use confusing legal jargon, you might further confuse them. It is critical to remember that many visitors to your website have no background in law and appreciate the time you take to use plain language when answering questions. 

Answer in a Conversational Tone

When answering your FAQs, you should speak directly to your potential clients rather than writing as though it is a legal paper. Your content will be more engaging and relatable when you use a conversational tone, and it helps you avoid looking haughty.

Use Examples and Visuals 

You should consider the addition of relevant media, such as infographics and videos, to help strengthen the answers you provide. This type of information can be helpful in answering the more complex questions your clients may ask. Adding case studies or real-life examples can help boost your law firm’s credibility and make your legal content more engaging for your clients.

Answer Proactively 

You should think proactively by considering what follow-up questions your potential clients may ask. By thinking proactively, you can answer anticipated questions, further saving your law firm time and energy by addressing client questions in advance.

Use Professional SEO Content in Your Law Firm FAQs to Boost Conversions 

By creating the ultimate FAQ page, you can easily boost the conversion rate of your law firm’s website. By following the above tips, you can attract more traffic both organically and by Google ranking when creating a law firm FAQ. Contact Blue Seven Content to discuss your law firm’s web content needs today. Complete our secured contact form or call us to get started.

Written by Dianna Mason – Legal Content Writer

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