When ChatGPT and other similar AI programs were introduced in early 2023, the content world was shaken up. Many construction companies, contractors, and anyone else needing content in any form began looking for ways to leverage ChatGPT in the content creation process. In doing so, they believed they could reduce their marketing costs and create compelling content for their readers. Unfortunately, ChatGPT for construction and contractor websites has turned out to be a huge mistake. 

ChatGPT just isn’t good enough for your construction website content. AI and construction websites need to connect with readers. Your construction company cannot rely on AI-generated content if you want to build authoritativeness and trustworthiness to outrank your competitors. You need a respected team of professional SEO content writers writing landing pages, FAQs, blogs, social posts, and other online content who know how to write compelling copy in a way that ChatGPT will never be able to. Blue Seven Content is here to help you connect with the right SEO content writers for your business. Using ChatGPT for construction companies could be one of the biggest mistakes business owners make.

  1. The Power of AI 
  2. Why ChatGPT Is the Wrong Way to Create Content for Your Construction Website Content 
  3. Have Our Professional SEO Content Writers at Blue Seven Create Optimized and Original Content for Your Construction Website 
Should you use ChatGPT for your construction or contractor website?

The Power of AI 

AI and ChatGPT were major disruptors in the content marketing industry almost as soon as they became available for use. Many industries began turning to ChatGPT for the ease of being able to create content in a matter of minutes. Consumers were blown away at the ease with which they could suddenly build seemingly articulate and well-written content. As time went on and Open AI aimed to improve on the results generated by ChatGPT, conversational AI developed. 

With an easy conversational tone and the ability to respond to prompts based on the user’s query, consumers could not help but be convinced of the power of AI. When building a contractor website, you might be drawn to ChatGPT and other AI models when you are not prepared to allocate a portion of your marketing budget towards content creation and optimization. After all, ChatGPT has been praised for generating human-like responses efficiently. 

ChatGPT initially appeared to be revolutionary. If you could build an entire website, handle social media posts, and even generate responses to customer questions, concerns, or complaints simply by adding a new prompt, the thought was that it would save companies millions of dollars or more. In theory, you would no longer need to hire content marketers if you could do it yourself by using ChatGPT. 

Early Red Flags With ChatGPT 

Professional content writers all over the world began to panic. They believed AI and ChatGPT were going to make their positions obsolete if it was as great as “experts” claimed it to be. However, users soon began to realize that ChatGPT did not come without risk. In fact, there were some serious red flags almost as soon as it became available for public use. ChatGPT creators themselves warned users that the program could generate biased content or even harmful instructions. They conceded that while sometimes ChatGPT would write content that sounded plausible, it could also create content that is nonsensical or incorrect.

Many up-and-coming and professional content writers and digital marketing agencies then turned to ChatGPT to create content for their client’s websites to save time and resources. However, the more content they generated, the more ChatGPT issues became glaringly obvious. 

Why ChatGPT Is the Wrong Way to Create Content for Your Construction Website Content 

Websites for contractors need to be comprehensive. You are not creating content for the sake of creating content. When you have high-quality landing pages and blogs that provide valuable information to your readers, your website is more likely to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). ChatGPT may be a fast way to create content, but it is by no means the best. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the concept of utilizing specific optimization techniques to boost a website’s rankings on Google and other popular search engines. With hundreds of millions of websites online, how will yours stand out without SEO for construction companies? In fact, construction SEO and website content must be designed with web users in mind. Websites need to be easy to navigate, web designs must be appealing, and content must be written in a way that answers every question a reader might have for a given target keyword. 

Unfortunately, even though ChatGPT can generate responses quickly, the system has no knowledge of contractor SEO and how SEO for contractors works. While you could ask ChatGPT to explain construction SEO, it cannot generate content using SEO best practices. And, as it turns out, according to a recent MIT study, most people prefer content created by humans. When a user knows how content is created, they will almost always choose human-written content over AI-generated content. 

Even though ChatGPT and other AI programs have exploded in popularity, human favoritism means the best way to meet your target audience’s needs is by writing well-thought-out and original content. Despite its best efforts, this is not something you will get with ChatGPT. What you really need is an SEO company for contractors that understands the intricacies of search engine optimization and will connect with your readers in a way that ChatGPT is incapable of.

ChatGPT Does Not Do Research

When you choose SEO services for contractors, you have a team of professional contact riders at your disposal. Your contact team will be able to help you identify target keywords and longtail phrases so you know what types of content to produce and which keywords you want your construction company to rank for. 

Then, when we start writing content, we thoroughly research the subject to ensure the content is factually accurate and credible. Contact should always be written to fully address the reader’s needs. Every piece of information the reader would expect to find on the page needs to be included. With ChatGPT, there is no research. It simply generates responses to prompts. 

AI Programs Generate Identical and Plagiarized Responses

For an SEO contractor website to rank well in the SERPs, the content needs to be written in a way that Google’s algorithm recognizes it as an authoritative source of information. Content should be written for readability, which means it should be skimmable, avoid technical jargon, and use images and bullet points. The use of semantic keywords is critical to ensure users are being given all the information they might be looking for when searching a specific keyword or long tail phrase. Google crawls websites and determines which web pages are the most credible and trustworthy. Plagiarized content is one of the fastest ways to get your website penalized. Not only could search engines lower your rankings, but they can remove your website from the platform altogether. 

Enter ChatGPT. When asked a specific query, ChatGPT will almost always generate identical responses. Whether you were hoping to use generative AI to create an entire webpage or simply wanted to create an outline for a page you were going to write yourself, the results are almost always the same. Users have tried to get creative with their prompts in an attempt to avoid generating identical results, but the information ChatGPT provides is essentially stolen and plagiarized. 

These AI programs are using information and writing styles that were already online. When search engines crawl your web pages, if the search engine believes the continent was plagiarized, your company’s entire website could be in jeopardy. Local SEO for contractors is the better option. Google favors original and unique content. If every other construction company in your area is using ChatGPT, using the same prompts, and generating the same responses, they could be devastating to your reputation as a contractor. Hiring a team of highly qualified SEO content writers is the best way to create well-written content that is sure to rank and boost your construction company’s authoritativeness and trustworthiness online and in your community.

ChatGPT and AI Content is Not Always Correct

Using ChatGPT to create content for your construction company’s website could destroy your reputation and web rankings. SEO for builders is the only way to ensure the information on your website is correct. Information, laws, and consumer needs are always changing. One of the biggest issues with ChatGPT is that it often returns completely inaccurate results. ChatGPT has been known to fail basic math equations, is incapable of answering basic logic questions, and will even generate results that claim to be factual even though they are inaccurate or blatantly false. 

This can be dangerous when you work in an industry that can be inherently risky, like construction work. ChatGPT users in the legal community, healthcare industry, and even historians have found ChatGPT inadequate. ChatGPT does not use the Internet to generate content. The program uses information already built into the system to generate responses to prompts. 

When you are writing a comprehensive how-to guide on home builds, for example, the information must be accurate. ChatGPT might recommend materials that are no longer available, encourage readers to take on these projects on their own or suggest inherently dangerous building techniques. This means you could even be putting your target audience at risk by using ChatGPT to create content for your construction company’s website.

Have Our Professional SEO Content Writers at Blue Seven Create Optimized and Original Content for Your Construction Website 

Construction companies and contractors are in one of the most competitive digital marketing industries. If you do not have original, optimized, and unique content on your website, search engines are not going to prioritize your pages, and you will not outrank the competition. ChatGPT may be able to give you answers and create copy in a short period of time, but the content will be plagiarized, unoriginal, and in some cases, even biased. 

Do not put your construction company’s website at risk. Generate the traffic and leads you need to rank at the top of the search results by working with a team of expert SEO content writers. Contact Blue Seven Content today to request a free consultation today and learn more about how to build a compelling keyword campaign for your website and how our writers create engaging content that ranks better than generative AI ever could.

Written by Dianna Mason – Legal and Construction Content Writer

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