Websites for Contractors – Why Content Matters

Websites for contractors are important. Right now, home and business owners in your community are looking for contractors who offer the same services that you provide. You are ready and waiting with solutions to their issues and are prepared to begin working on the projects they envision. But, because of the fickleness of search engines, what could be a match made in heaven is often only ships passing in the night. 

To connect with the people who need your services, those people need to know that you exist. How can you make that happen? You can ensure that you make those essential connections by allowing Blue Seven Content, an SEO contractor, to provide well-written material that is valuable to your potential customers while also leading them to you. We provide fresh and worthwhile content for your website that will not be deeply buried in the search engine results rankings.

  1. Why Contractors Need Websites
  2. This is Where Blue Seven Content Enters the Picture
  3. How SEO Can Help a Local Contractor
    1. So, What is SEO?
  4. Rise to the top of SERP When People Search Your Area and “Contractor”
  5. Keywords are Crucial for Contractor Websites
  6. Connect With Your Community
  7. Blue Seven Content Understands What You Need

Why Contractors Need Websites

The first thing a person does before beginning a repair or a project is to grab their phone or computer and search for someone who offers the services or products that they require. The second thing they will do is ask others who they would recommend. Company owners need a website for contractors so you will be found or suggested by others.

Your contractor website needs to be chock full of information for your potential client. It is an opportunity for your business to make a fantastic first impression, giving your future customers confidence in doing business with you while offering a place to communicate with you. 

It also gives you a forum where you can showcase your work in a way that convinces possible clients that your company can do the best job on their project. Websites for contractors are digital business cards and how most people will first connect with their future contractors. Being able to find your website is crucial to the success of your business.

But how do you make that happen?

Contractors need websites filled with great local SEO content.
You should have a website content plan just like you plan your construction and contractor jobs.

This is Where Blue Seven Content Enters the Picture

You may already have a website with meaningful content liberally broadcasted all over your site. But, if it is not written in a way that gains the attention of the search engines, it will not land in front of the people for whom it is written. We provide valuable content that highlights what you have to offer paired with the right SEO for contractors. 

It is a must that websites for contractors contain specific SEO. All the content in the world will not do you any good if the right people never see it. Blue Seven Content is the ideal SEO company for contractors.

How SEO Can Help a Local Contractor

In this digital world, local contractor SEO is crucial. Good construction SEO is the difference between customers finding you or finding your competitors. Let us ensure they land on your website so that you can convert them into customers.

So, What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that leads Google straight to your business. Imagine your business as an airport, and the air traffic controller is Google. Google must ensure that the passenger’s boarding pass leads them to the right place. 

It would be nearly impossible for pilots to find an airport without some navigation. Navigation in the SEO world comes from using the correct words and phrases so that Google can guide its users to your website. 

All the signals must be in place and configured correctly so that Google knows where to land you. It can be a frustrating mystery to those unfamiliar with optimizing their contractor websites for search engines. You can avoid frustration and confusion by going straight to the writers at Blue Seven Content. They have the know-how to drive business to your website.

Rise to the top of SERP When People Search Your Area and “Contractor”

A search engine results page (SERP) shows up when a search engine is asked to find something. Typically, ranking in the top three slots is the goal. Users often only look at results that rank on the first or second page. While you may feel you have informative content, if it isn’t written in a way optimized for the search engines to choose it, it may never be read.

With an understanding of your products and services, keyword research, valuable content, and where your business operates, Google determines where you will rank on a local contractor search. Your company has the potential to reach the top of searches for contractors in your area. Google users trust that it will take them to the destination they are trying to reach, so usually, only the top few results are noticed by the person who submitted the search parameters. 

Keywords are Crucial for Contractor Websites

We know how to offer search engines, such as Google, the beacons that will lead them to your company.  A lot of that direction is provided by keywords and how they match the words submitted in a Google search when looking for a contractor’s website. Here are some examples of why keywords are essential to a contractor’s SEO:

  • Keywords let the search engines know which information is relevant to a search query.
  • Relevant keywords lead users to the right place. As this happens, the search engines begin to note the expertise of particular sites in the areas where their keywords have been most successful.
  • Simply attracting traffic to a contractor’s website will only convert to new business if it draws a qualified audience. Blue Seven Content understands how to use the right words and phrases to attract the right customers to your company.
  • Keyword stuffing repels search engines from coming to your site. It is essential to strike the right balance. Blue 7 Content understands the balance and will apply it to your site’s writing.

While some of the content on your website will be static, search engines are attracted to fresh, new, relevant content. You can do this by offering blog posts, construction company pages, and practice area pages on your website. 

Connect With Your Community

Your content will be visited repeatedly when it is executed correctly. This is because it offers valuable information and insightful, expert advice. The object is to establish your company as an expert in its field. Search engines will recognize you for this, and your SERP will increase, bringing you more customers in your area. 

Establishing a reliable, trustworthy name in your community is vital to business growth. Upon arrival, your visitors should be able to tell that you are a local business. You can do this in several ways: 

  • Provide updates on community projects you might be participating in
  • Showcase work done locally
  • Provide resources and tips that may be specific to your location

A community connection is an essential way to gain the trust of those in your area. This will lead to new clients. Using your website to bring clients your way through quality content is a natural next step if you wish to gain the kind of reputation that those in your local area will trust. To make this happen, you need an SEO company for contractors.

Blue Seven Content Understands What You Need

Establishing a connection with your community and potential customers happens through deliberate, quality content and well-thought-out SEO for construction companies to attract the right people to your website. Blue Seven Content provides the direction you need to make that happen for your company successfully. We can help with websites for contractors.

Reach out today to see how we can assist you in growing your contracting or construction business. Our specialty is creating the kind of website content that brings visitors who become clients. Speak to us about your goals, and we will come up with a strategy so that you can meet them. 

Written by Carol Anne Williams – Blue Seven Content Construction and Contractor Writer