How do you write the best law firm blog posts?

That’s a question we get a lot here at Blue Seven Content. After all, we write hundreds of SEO-optimized law firm blog posts each week for our clients. That means we field a lot of questions from attorneys and paralegals throughout the country about how they can best craft blog posts on their own for their law firm.

Our response used to be, “Well, we can create the blog posts for your law firm for you.” However, we realize that there are many attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals who would rather create their own posts than have someone else do it. After all, if you can find a way to cut your marketing budget by doing some things yourself, why not go for it? We totally understand that, which is why we created a guide that walks you through writing these law firm blog posts yourself.

Whether you are an attorney, a paralegal, a legal assistant, or the administrator of a law firm, this guide can help you create the blog posts that you need to help attract prospective clients and enhance your search engine rankings.

If our law firm blog post guide can save you thousands of dollars each year by walking you through the law firm blog post writing process, then we’ve done our job.

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Why you need great law firm blog posts

If you have ever heard anybody say that your law firm does not need blog posts, we want you to call them right now and tell them they are wrong. The reality is that blog posts on a law firm’s website are one part of an overall content strategy that will help increase your rankings within the various search engines and help attract new clients.

Law firm blog posts provide what is considered “evergreen content” for your law firm’s website. This means that the blogs offer a continuous flow of updated content that is going to be picked up by Google and other search engines. The more your website is refreshed with new content, the more favorably search engines will view and rank your page.

Law firm blogs: the step-by-step guide

At Blue Seven Content, we know that you have probably conducted a fairly thorough Google search for how to write the best law firm blog posts. The reality is that there are plenty of how-to guides out there. In fact, we’ll go as far as saying that there is some good information you can glean from them. However, we believe that our guide cuts to the chase. We talk about:

  • Why you need law firm blog posts
  • How many blog posts your law firm needs
  • The challenges of writing these posts
  • How long it takes to write a law firm blog
  • Crafting blog posts around keywords and keyword phrases

Our law firm blog post guide delves into how you and your team can capture current events and tie them into your practice areas to create a compelling blog post that draws readers in. We also discuss how you can use blog posts on your law firm’s website to expand on your practice areas and use internal linking to get back to the meat-and-bones of your website – your law firm practice area pages.

Our team will also show you how to conduct research to craft the perfect law firm blog post. We will help guide you towards the quality sources that are acceptable to reference and help you avoid the ones that are not.

We provide you with example law firm blog posts

Our law firm blog post guide takes you step-by-step through the formatting of your Law firm blog posts. We discuss creating titles, using headings, and crafting a “call to action.” We explain each individual section of a law firm blog post that you will never wonder what needs to go where. Finally, we provide multiple examples of actual law firm blog posts, complete with highlighted sections to show where your law firm name and keywords can be used to enhance the post.

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You can purchase our law firm blog post guide by clicking here. We believe that a $149 investment in our guide will save you several thousands of dollars each year. For an additional $99, you can schedule a one (1) hour consultation with Blue Seven Content founders Allen Watson or Victoria Lozano to walk you through your law firm blog post content strategy. We’ll even help you write parts of your first blog during the consultation.

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The team at Blue Seven Content also created a step-by-step guide to creating law firm practice area pages (law firm service area pages)!

Check out the law firm practice area page guide by clicking here!

You can purchase both guides at a discount by clicking here!

At Blue Seven Content, we have worked with some of the most reputable legal marketing agencies in the country, and we currently work with both agencies and law firms. Our team is always standing by to talk about how we can help you enhance your law firm’s content. We specialize in the following:

Please reach out to us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 843-580-3158. If you are looking for help crafting law firm practice area pages (or service area pages), we have also written a guide to help you with that as well. Our goal is to help you save money while creating the best content possible for your website.