If you need ideas about blog posts for your firm, we are here to help. Below are generic blog posts that we can write for your website. Whether you are going with one of our packages or looking for a one-time blog or page, all you need to do is pick a number from the list below and let us know. We’ll take the generic topic and create an original blog post based on your particular law firm, geographic area, and practice area. Below, you will find some generic blog ideas broken down into various practice areas.

Any time you see a ______ in the page, this represents areas you can substitute various topics (vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, work injury, etc.).

For blogs covering all practice areas, we can also scan the news for your area to find a story that is relevant to your firm. We can write about the story and link it back to how your firm can help people in similar situations. 

Personal Injury Law Blog Topics

  1. The statute of limitations for ______ cases (can be adapted to specific types of cases)
  2. The statute of limitations of medical malpractice cases
  3. Types of compensation available for personal injury claims
  4. Steps to take after a vehicle accident (can be adapted to specific types of vehicles)
  5. Understanding comparative negligence laws
  6. How much compensation is available for a _____ case?
  7. How long will a ______ case take to resolve?
  8. How to handle insurance claims adjusters
  9. Should you give a recorded statement to insurance adjusters?
  10. Steps to take after a ______ accident
  11. What is the difference between economic and non-economic damages?
  12. What is the difference between compensatory and punitive damages?
  13. How long do you have to file a work injury claim?
  14. What is no-fault auto insurance?
  15. How to prove liability in a ______ case
  16. What if you are struck by an uninsured or underinsured driver?
  17. Do you need an attorney to help with a ______ case?
  18. Are waivers of liability enforceable?
  19. What is insurance bad faith?
  20. What evidence do you need to prove a ______ case?
  21. Dog bite law for _____
  22. What are strict liability dog bite laws?
  23. What are contingency fees? 
  24. How much does an attorney cost for a ______ case?
  25. Will you need to go to court for your ______ case?
  26. How do you know if you have a ______ claim?
  27. How can you find medical care after sustaining a ______ injury?
  28. What is the discovery process for a personal injury case?
  29. Bicyclist safety tips
  30. Pedestrian safety tips
  31. What is defensive driving?

Family Law Blog Topics

  1. Why do you need a divorce attorney?
  2. Why do you need a child support attorney?
  3. Why do you need a child support attorney?
  4. How is property divided in _____?
  5. How long will my divorce case take to finalize?
  6. How much does a divorce cost in ______?
  7. What is the divorce rate in ______?
  8. Can you move if you have shared custody?
  9. Can child support be modified?
  10. Can child custody be modified?
  11. Domestic violence and divorce in ______
  12. What at the divorce filing fees in ______?
  13. Can visitation be denied to a parent?
  14. What is the difference between physical and legal custody?
  15. What is the difference between joint and sole custody?
  16. Can I oppose a divorce?
  17. What if my ex is on drugs – can I change custody?
  18. My ex refuses to let me visit my kids – what do I do?
  19. What is a prenuptial agreement?
  20. What is a postnuptial agreement
  21. Do I have to pay alimony after a divorce?
  22. Can men get alimony?
  23. Are mothers more likely to get custody?
  24. Can grandparents get custody?
  25. How can I get a paternity test?

Criminal Defense Blog Topics

  1. Explaining ______ charges in depth
  2. What are the penalties for ______?
  3. Why do you need a defense attorney for ______ cases?
  4. What does probation mean?
  5. How do you get out on bail or bond?
  6. What happens if you cannot afford bail or bond?
  7. The court process for a ______ charge
  8. Will I be provided with a public defender?
  9. How do federal criminal charges differ from state charges?
  10. How does the sex offender registry work?
  11. Can you get off the sex offender registry?
  12. Can you travel when you are a registered sex offender?
  13. How does probation or parole get revoked?
  14. What is the difference between probation or parole?
  15. What is a plea bargain?
  16. Will your attorney negotiate with the prosecutor?
  17. What are possible defenses to use in a ______ case?
  18. How do you get an expungement?
  19. Can you get a pardon?

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