The “About Us” page for construction companies and contractors is more important than you think. In fact, if you have some kind of “Team” page on your website already, there’s a good chance it’s got a decent amount of traffic. 

Your “About Us” page or pages give you an incredible opportunity to build trust with potential clients or customers. This page will give you a chance to introduce yourself and your team on your construction website and hopefully move one step closer to the reader calling you or filling out your contact form. 

Make sure your construction or contractor website has a solid, well-thought out "About Us" page.
Make sure your construction or contractor website has a solid, well-thought out “About Us” page.

Coming Across as Genuine – It’s Website Gold

In a world of monotonous SEO and AI-machine-written-faceless content, your construction or contractor website should come across as genuine. Potential clients are wading through a sea of “sameness” when they look for help online, so if you can connect with a reader through your “About Us” page, that’s one major step closer to closing the deal.

If you’ve piqued the interest of a reader, they very well may end up on your “About Us” page, and it’s a wasted opportunity if yours is less than desirable. 

You know your ideal reader. You know your market. Once you know who you’re targeting, find a way to craft content so that it speaks directly to the reader through the content. An “About Us” page on a contractor website is a great way to form a deeper connection. 

We suggest creating a great local SEO strategy for your contractor or construction company so you understand a bit more about your overall goals and target market. Blue Seven Content and its construction content writers have experience handling this aspect of the process. 

Your Company and Personal Perception Online is Important – Get Rid of the Intimidation Factor

Like it or not, many people have a negative perception of construction companies and contractors. This is likely due to a few factors and can include:

  • A person’s negative experience with a contractor in the past
  • A lack of knowledge of the field 
  • A misunderstanding about the scope of the work needed

People are sometimes wary of anything a contractor tells them. The trust just often isn’t there. Your goal, and one that can partially be accomplished with a good “About Us” page, is to gain the reader’s trust. Make yourself accessible. Make your company “friendly.” 

Nobody wants a condescending tone, and they don’t want to feel belittled by you or any member of your team. We know you don’t want people to feel that way either, but you’re pushing against a tide of societal mistrust of things they don’t fully understand.

You’re the expert, and you are in complete control of the “aura” you and your company give off. Step one is giving your construction website readers an excellent, comfortable first impression.

The History and Philosophy of Your Company Matters

An “About Us” page for construction companies and contractors gives you a chance to tell your story. You can reach into your past and talk about what led you to where you are now. If your company has a long, established history in the community, talk about it! 

However, if you’re new in the area or new in business, there are absolutely ways to write about the company in an inspiring way. That’s where a skilled content writer can help you shine. Your story may be new, but it’s evolving, and you can capture your “live” history and paint yourself in a great light (live history is a term I think I just made up, so don’t ask for a clearer definition yet).

Some other points you can mention in an “About Us” page on your construction or contractor website include:

  • Any charity events you’re involved in
  • Sponsorships of events in your area
  • Local community events you participate in (marathons, bake sales, fundraisers)
  • Local, regional, state, or national award or recognition

When you work with a talented construction content writer, you’ll begin to discover the various ways to talk about yourself, your company, and your team in a way that increases reader trust and increases your chances of getting that lead.

Your Unique Selling Points are Your Gold

Why do you stand out above your local competition? It boils down to that, especially if your website reader is still in the process of making a decision about which company or contractor to use. Let your “About Us” page give the reader little golden nuggets explaining how you’re different. 

It’s a challenge to determine differentiating factors from one company to another, at least from an outside perspective. Figuring out these factors will be vital in how you position yourself in your target market. 

If you focus on just one service or product or a few specific services or products, let your reader know. Customers may prefer someone who specializes in the area they need help with, so make sure they know you’re the one to turn to. 

If you’re a smaller company and this allows you to respond more quickly to a customer or client’s needs, mention that. Some people value the boutique experience with contractors, as this allows them to build a longer-term relationship. 

Your selling points should zero in on what makes you unique. If you’re struggling to figure out how to stand out on your “About Us” page, we suggest working with a skilled construction website content writer who understands what your readers are looking for and can craft a message that will make you proud. 

Your Construction or Contractor About Us Page Matters

At Blue Seven Content, we firmly believe in helping construction companies and contractors stand out so they can reach their full potential. Online, our team knows how to craft the right service area page, blogs, and FAQs that will guide your reader closer to their decision to use your services instead of turning to someone else. Your “About Us” page is a major piece of the puzzle, and we can help with that. 

If you have any questions about SEO content or an “About Us” page for construction companies or contractors, please feel free to reach out for a free consultation with a member of our team.